20 Best Selling Art Cards

We've complied a list of our Top 20 best selling art cards. For this list we've shifted through the sales our coastal, floral and animal card categories and here's what we found you all loved the most!
  1. Sweet Peas Floral 

These wonderful sweet peas from the brush of artist Rose Eddington make a superb any occasion greetings card or a chatty note card. They also look fabulous framed and hung on the wall!


  1. Woodland Hare

Hares are mystical and magical creatures and this one from artist Janella Horne is no exception. With delicate colours and great detail, this design makes a wonderful general greetings card or note card. The card is left convenienly blank inside for your own message

  1. Lily of the Valley

So beautifully detailed that you can almost smell their fragrance, this is a lovely lily of the valley study from artist Rose Eddington.

  1. Summer Cat

Such a purrfect way to send special occasion greetings or just simple notes and messages, this beautiful card is the business! A handsome pusscat in a bed of poppies makes a great study from artist Janella Horne.


  1. White Agapanthus St. Ives

Gorgeous blue harbour scene of St Ives with White Agapanthus flowers in the foreground.


  1. Narcissi Floral

This wonderful spring design by artist Rose Eddington is pure delight. Nodding narcissi are depicted in perfect brushstrokes and this card is suitable for so many occasions.


  1. Poppies Meadow 

This stupendous study from the brush of artist Rose Eddington just brings the summer meadows right into your home. Fabulous poppies, daisies, cornflowers and more make this a superb greetings or note card.


  1. Cascade Art Card

12. Bluebell Bunny

Adorable baby bunny amongst blue bells by the artist Meg Isaacs is perfect spring greetings cards for all occasions


  1. Misty Dawn

What a wonderful study of an owl in flight over a beautiful hedgerow. Coming from the talented brush of artist Janella Horne


  1. Golden Moonshine

  1. I Must Go Down To The Sea Again

Iris Clelford used gorgeous muted pastel tones with a pathway leading to the sea is a picturesque vision everyone loves to see.  

  1. Helford River

A beautiful view of Helford River in Cornwall, on a glorious sparkling morning, creates such a special design for a birthday card or note card. Wonderful colours and a fleet of sailing boats make it perfect. 


  1. Scabious Meadow Flowers

Here's a real breath of the open meadows with this glorious design by artist Rose Eddington. A stunning purple colour palette with bees and butterflies brings the image to life!


  1. Lavender Fields


This card was inspired by our limited edition Lavender Fields range. Whistlefish x Nanplough teamed together to create a fabulous range of Lavender Bath salts, soaps and sleep sprays complete with lovely Whistlefish artwork labels. This range inspired a full artwork collection inspired by the Lavender Fields at Nanplough Farm in Cornwall. 

You can also find gift bags, its bags and tea sets featuring this gorgeous lavender fields artwork.



5. Lavender Fields

A traditional lavender field scene by Hannah Cole featuring a trademark dog.


4. Agapanthus and Allium Meadow

Another lovely purple array of flowers by Rose Eddington featuring a dragon fly and butter fly.

3. Nature's Paradise



A gorgeous depiction of a wildflower field by Jo Starky, immerse yourself in this bright and beautiful meadow 


2. Cornish Gorse


This stunning scene of blues and yellows was inspired by the landscapes of Cornwall, wildflowers, ocean and adorable seaside town.

 1. Path To The Beach

 What a beautiful tranquil scene, designed by our Whistlefish team, you can see why this painting is so popular. Simply looking at this art card takes you back to warm Summer days walking along the coastal path.


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