Abstract Artwork For Any Interior

Abstract is a type of expressionist art that comes in many styles and is often difficult to define. Various shapes and lines on a canvas are a style of abstract art,  this style has recently been a trendy style of artwork to feature in your home. An image being depicted that is a skewed version of reality is a form of abstract art. It could be argued that abstract art is anything that is a deliberate, non-realistic representation of a real life scene. Other types of shape and line abstract art can have been created while the artist portraying a particular feeling or emotion which can be interpreted by the audience in their own way. 

 shape abstract artwork in white room

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Overall, abstract art is one of the most popular styles of artwork to have on your wall. It can be interpreted however the viewer sees it, and is unlikely to age with interior design trends. Below are some examples of different abstract wall art which will suit many colour schemes in a variety of homes.


Abstract line art

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This very simple colour palette will fit with most colour schemes in a home. These Panel Line art prints have been designed so they can sit stylishly together or on their own. There's no right or wrong way around these pictures can be placed on your wall as your interpretation of this art is your own. 


Modern Abstract Art

sunset abstract art

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This piece of abstract wall art is titled 'Sunset' it's made up of geometric shapes, along with a bright block colour palette that you might expect to see at sunset. This is a lovely piece of wall art that would suit most minimalist homes.

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Bright Abstract Art

colourful abstract art

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This bright and bold piece of artwork titled Colours of Life by Sunita Khedekar is an interesting piece. The leaves could potentially represent leaves on the ground in the front gardens of the houses in the centre. The leaves are different colours which could represent the changing seasons. The circle placed behind the house is likely the sun and has been split into three different colours which could depict the changing of the seasons or the time of day. The bright and beautiful patchwork colours which make up the canvas could be interrupted as being the sky at different times of day. Compliment a bright boho interior with bright abstract artwork. 

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Abstract Canvas Art

abstract canvas artShop Golden Surf Large Framed Canvas £195

This stunning neutral coloured canvas titled Golden Surf by Iris Clelford is a gorgeous abstract depiction of a golden neutral sunset. This piece of artwork is designed to be a great feature no matter what your colour palette in your home is. Iris Clelford is an artist who has a very broad range of artist styles. There is a great selection of landscape and sunset artwork of all colours to help you establish the right mood for your home. 


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Abstract Landscape Art

abstract landscape art by laura rich

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Laura Rich is an extremely talented artist who specialises in contemporary abstract landscapes such at the one above titled After The Storm Laura goes on to describe her thought process and style behind her art. "My paintings are created using many layers of narrative; I hope my work provokes a memory or stirs an emotion in the onlooker. I am not concerned with the figurative aspect of the landscape itself, although it is always my starting point, moreover I want to capture the history of the moment I was there and how it mirrors the experience of many others who have stood there before me and will after.

There is something very raw about standing under a big sky. I often take inspiration from the Wiltshire downland and Dorset coastline within easy reach of my home. I have also been a regular visitor to the Rame Peninsula, Cornwall’s ‘forgotten corner’, for nearly 20 years." Says Laura Rich

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