What to write in a Christmas Notelet

What is a Notelet?

Notelets are small cards measuring 100 x 120mm. Each pack is beautifully designed to a particular theme and they come with individual envelopes in packs of 15. These Christmas themed notelets Festive Robin Christmas Notelets and Poinsettia Christmas Notelets will assist with sending some joy this festive season.

Read on to find out some great uses for notelet cards.

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Image features Poinsettia Notelet cards (£4.95)

 You can use Christmas notelets for almost any written personal message, below are 10 reasons to send a small notelet card:

      1. To send a note to the for a neighbour, colleague or friend to invite them for festive drinks. "Hello, just to let you know we are having some friends over for a Christmas party on Saturday the 18th we were wondering if you might like to join us? Starts at 8pm hope to see you there, Jon and Emma at number 5"
      2. For a Christmas houseguest, "Here's our wifi password: xxxx There is an extra pillow and towels in the wardrobe. Please let us know if you need anything else."
      3. To send as an RSVP to a Christmas Party invitation
      4. To share a festive recipe
      5. To send after Christmas as a 'Thank you' card for a Christmas present
      6. To remind a spouse or family member about an errand "Don't forget to pick up sprouts at the shop!"
      7. To enclose some money for someone as a Christmas Tip or bonus
      8. To leave a thoughtful message just to say...
      9. Use as a gift tag - for some gifts you want to say a little bit more than a gift tag gives you space for, by using a small card you've got that extra space to write a more personal message.
      10. Give a box of notelets as a lovely useful Christmas gift

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 Image features Poinsettia Christmas Notelets (£4.95) >

 The new look Notelet boxes are 100% plastic free and made from recycled paper, printed with vibrant vegetable based inks and are totally recyclable after use. 

robin notelet box

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