The World Clydesdale Horse Show 2022

Whistlefish Sponsors The Ridden Championship at The World Clydesdale Show 2022

You might know that Whistlefish are huge supporters of animal charities and societies. We have a special place in our hearts for rare breeds such as heavy horses. 

This year Whistlefish are extremely proud to be official sponsors of The Ridden Championship at The World Clydesdale Horse Show 2022. 

What is The Ridden Championship Show?

This category consists of showing horses looking well groomed, followed by showing horses individually with horse and rider performing walk, trot and canter on both reins and a figure of eight/change of rein, gallop down the long side).

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Clydesdale Horse History

Clydesdale Horses were originally bred as working horses back in the 1800. Since the shift to machines in the industrial revolution the number of heavy horses of all breeds has drastically decreased and heavy horses such as Shire and Clydesdale are on the rare and endangered list. 

However its thanks to horse lovers and these societies which help keep these breeds alive! 

Heavy horses were never traditional competitors within equestrian shows such as the 'Blair Horse Trials' and 'Horse Of The Year', but since they are no longer used as work horses and are extremely intelligent and docile. They have found a new calling in life and have become very popular horses to ride for dressage, show jumping, side saddle and cross country!


History of the World Clydesdale Horse Show

The World Clydesdale Show (WCS) has been running in the United States of America and Canada since 2007.  The 4 day long horse show, highlights the best of the Breed throughout the USA and Canada with some International competitors from European Countries.  This show is incredibly well received in the USA and Canada with a purpose built arena and upwards of 4000 spectators per day culminating in a Gala Dinner with 1200 guests.    Ironically, the home of the Clydesdale Horse Breed, Scotland, has never hosted this event and due to the location have not been able to compete in this show due to both time and financial constraints.  Bringing the World Clydesdale Show home to Scotland will not only enable our top breeders and competitors to be able to showcase this majestic breed but will also provide a fantastic opportunity to hold such an illustrious International Event in Scotland.  Thus creating a legacy for further events in the future.



The Endangered Clydesdale Horse

The Clydesdale Horse is currently on the “at risk” list compiled by the Rare Breed Survival Trust meaning that there are fewer than 1500 breeding females in the UK, additionally they are considered to be on the “watch” status list by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy with less than 2500 horses registered annually in the USA.  It is thought that there are fewer than 10,000 Clydesdales worldwide.  Thanks to the wonderful work by Budweiser, there is increasing interest and popularity being generated worldwide and in recent years they have held pride of place at the Royal Highland Show (Edinburgh), and are now included in the Horse of the Year show in Birmingham.  They are proudly used by the British Household Cavalry as Drum Horses leading parades on ceremonial and state occasions.

Staging this event in Scotland will not only continue to raise the profile of this majestic breed but will also improve breeding opportunities internationally by the international sale of horses and through artificial insemination straws.  Through expanding the bloodlines of Clydesdales in the UK this will ensure that there is an increase in breeding opportunities which will further aid in saving this breed of horse.

The World Clydesdale Show 2022

The World Clydesdale Show 2022 will be held at P&J Live, Scotland’s largest state of the art arena, in Aberdeen. 

Held over 4 days, the 20th to the 22nd of October 2022, the show will see over 300 horses, 16000 spectators and competitors under one roof.  This will be the largest single breed horse show of its kind ever to be held in the UK.

This spectacular show will show the best Clydesdales in the World, with horses being shown from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and the UK.

With the show being held in the Scotland, the home of the Clydesdale Horse, this show has attracted more international attention from competitors than any other World Show before it.  This is considered by a number of Clydesdale Breeders as a once in a life time opportunity to show their Clydesdale horses in the land of their origin.

With 55 classes  and 12 Championships, the World Clydesdale Show 2022 will show case the breed across a number of disciplines, including driving, ridden, in-hand, and dressage.

Running alongside the World Clydesdale Show is the World Clydesdale Show Shoeing  & Shoemaking Championships.  This is another first.  This spectacular international competition will showcase the skill and endurance required in this highly regarded profession.  Teams will be attending from all over the world to compete to become the World Clydesdale show Shoeing and Shoemaking Champion.





Entries and Tickets

Entries will be available online from April 2022

Tickets are available now through Ticketmaster

 If you want to know about more Clydesdale horse shows in the year you can find them via this link! 


Supporting the Clydesdale Horse Society

As well as supporting the Clydesdale Horse Show 2022, Whistlefish are also supporting the Clydesdale Horse Society through the sales of Christmas cards this year. Shop15 for £9 Christmas Cards here! 



Photography by Alyssa Smolen

Written by Ailsa Clark and Whistlefish Blogs

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