Why wildflowers need our protection

Between March and May, our warmer, southwest climate brings about the start of  gorgeous array of vibrant plants ready to be enjoyed on weekend walks, putting a smile on our faces. Cornwall begins to come alive after the battering of winter storms and colour, floral scents and the sound of buzzing insects infuse through Cornish hedgerows, coast paths and woodlands.

Since the 1930's, 97% of wild flower meadows in the UK have disappeared.

Wildflower fields in the UK have come under increasing danger of disappearing as farming and property developments have changed. Luckily, some conservation charities such at The Wildlife Trusts are working hard to maintain these beautiful habitats and we love being able to donate to this charity to support great causes such as this.

Wildflower areas are super important to all of us as they create an environment for native pollinators - like bees and butterflies - to thrive by providing them with food and shelter. These insects in turn provide pest management and crop pollination, an essential for successful farming locally.

Although wild flower meadows are fairly hard to come by nowadays, there are still some preserved places to visit, The Wildlife Trust has a lovely list in Cornwall

The flower-loving artists here at Whistlefish have taken inspiration from the fields of poppies, sunflowers, cornflowers and daisies set against backdrops of summer-blue skies to bring you some hope-inspiring new gifts and homeware goods.

Want to help grow wild flowers?

We don't encourage picking flowers from the wild, but if you want to grow your own at home, try our new Wildflower Seed Bars for a simple way to create your own mini meadow! Place in a container (no soil required), water and leave on your window sill then plant out once the seedlings appear. 

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