Make your gift more personal with our new handwritten messages.

For presents that are truly one of a kind. We're excited to now offer decorative and personal handwritten messages with each of our new luxury Cornish hampers.

Handwritten label presented on our new Garden Hamper

As society becomes more screen-happy and focused on quick quality services, the act of handwriting personal greetings, memorable messages and keepsake labels has become overshadowed by and progressively replaced with printed type. 

Although our daily use of digital devices offer an amazing platform from which to communicate instantaneously and abundantly, our detachment from pen and ink has catalysed a loss in personality, sincerity and individuality in modern correspondence.

Handwritten white label with modern calligraphy

Hardly anyone fails to notice a handwritten envelope rich in character amongst their handful of corporate-looking printed post. Adding an immediate personal touch and highlighting the meaningful act of devoting a bit more time to ensure care is delivered, handwritten notes are a fantastic way to stand out amongst the sea of digital messages. 

Calligraphy workshop with the Whistlefish artists

We are absolute advocates of embellishing gifts with personal touches and providing ways that help communicate how much you care and were thinking of your recipient when finding their gift. As a special addition to our new luxury hampers, we’re including a handwritten card and label featuring decorative calligraphic messaging by our talented Whistlefish artists. We even went on a fabulous calligraphy workshop with Wild Sea Calligraphy in Falmouth’s communal hub Huddle, to refine our penmanship and learn about all things handwritten.

Sheet of calligraphy practice with the word Whistlefish illustrated using modern techniques

After 2 hours of helpful guidance from and practice with the creative Lindsey Gribble, and many a crumbly slice of cake and cup of tea had, we left feeling excited to begin adding more personal touches to our newest Whistlefish experience.

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