Our Artist's Top 10 Tips

1. Draw/ sketch everyday - 15 mins is enough

2. Don’t overthink it - it doesn’t have to be perfect, make marks and just doodle


3. Experiment with different mediums, painting, sketching, etc.

4. It doesn’t have to look like a photo - find your own style

5. Use a craft knife to sharpen pencil to create more points and you can make different unique marks on the page

6. Keep up to date with new software - mix traditional with digital methods of illustration to create original and unique artwork, you can scan in and play with the different textures and lines on the computer.

7. Store artwork in a safe flat place

8. Paint/ design in good light

9. Make mood boards and colour pallets before starting so you know what you’re trying to achieve

10. JUST DO IT – and have fun!

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