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What is a Notelet?

Notelets are small cards measuring 25 x 125mm. Each pack is beautifully designed to a particular theme and they come with individual envelopes in packs of 15. So, whether you fancy floral, coastal or a particular illustrative style, there's a set for you...or the person you're giving them to.

What do you use a Notelet for?

You can use a notelet for any type of 'just to say' message or occasion. They're great to keep handy in a draw as a 'thank you note' or a memo for your neighbour or a welcome note for a houseguest. Having an elegant personalised card that someone has taken the time to write feels much more valuable and thoughtful to the recipient.



You can write a notelet for leaving a little personal message.

Here's some examples:

    1. To send a note to the for a neighbour "Hello, just wanted to let you know we'll be having some building work doing on Tuesday afternoon just wanted to let you know in advance to apologies for any noise and disturbance. Many thank John and Sarah at Number 7"
    2. For a houseguest, "Here's our wifi password: xxxx There is an extra pillow and towels in the wardrobe. Please let us know if you need anything else."
    3. To send as an RSVP invitation to an event 
    4. To share a recipe
    5. To thank a client or someone else
    6. To remind a spouse or family member about an errand
    7. To enclose a small object like a key or some money for someone
    8. To leave a thoughtful message just to say...
    9. Give a tin of notelets as a lovely useful gift
    10. To simply connect with someone, handwritten cards are always lovely to receive.





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