Top 10 Iconic Queen Elizabeth II Outfits

Queen Elizabeth II as well as being the longest reining royal and having the most photographed and most recognisable face on Earth is also famous for being a bit of a style icon.

The Queen loves her pastel shade suits and she will always accessorise with a hand bag or fabulous hat. In light and celebration of the Platinum Jubilee we've decided to countdown some of the best looks we've seen on Queen Elizabeth II over time.


10. A Pop of Purple

L.G. Photography / Flickr

Dress like a Queen tip: If wearing a  hat or fascinator ensure its not too big so you can get in and out of vehicles more easily.

9. Country Lady

HRH was once asked when she was a child that when she grows up she would like to "A Lady living in the country with lots of horses and dogs." Something which many poeple can resonate with we're sure!

This fashionable country look that Elizabeth has styled since the 80s brought the head scarf back into fashion! 

8. Bright Blue Hue

Dress like a queen tip: You will notice that Queen Elizabeth II will always wear her three-strand pearl necklace and a family heirloom brooch. A simple, classy and timeless look.


7. Does it always rain in London?

Effortless and on point, Elizabeth II stands casually with her bubble umbrella she certainly looks the pinnacle of all 'Glam Gran' fashion.

Queen fact: Her trusted advisor and also stylist wears in all her shoes before handing them over for Elizabeth to wear comfortably!

6. Orange Joy

Marie Kondo says to wear clothes which spark joy, and orange is certainly one of those bright bold colours which brings so much joy! Here's our confident Queen looking vibrant in orange for the 2022 Commonweath Games.

 Dress like a queen tip - A rule we notice with The Queen's style is she always wears her hems of her tailored skirts, dresses and coats to fall past the knee. In fashion its known as a 'midi' length 

5. Lovely in Lilac



4. Black Velvet Ball Gown 

This dress is arguably one of the most beautiful dresses in fashion history, not just because of the gorgeous fairytale silhouette and silky soft fabric that was used to create it, but also because of the influential person wearing the garment.

3. Gorgeous in Green

Dress like a queen tip: Commit to the colour, it's ok to be bold!


2. Canary Yellow

For Kate and Wills wedding in 2011 Elizabeth wore a fantastic canary yellow outfit. Wearing yellow to a wedding to a wedding can signify wisdom, so perhaps there was an element to her knowing that Kate and Wills would go on to live a long and happy marriage.

1. Any outfit where she's wearing her crown of course!


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