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What started as hand painted greetings cards on Lyn Thompson’s kitchen table 26 years ago, has flourished into a fabulous card, art and gift company. 

As an independent Cornish company who have grown organically from the ground up, we want to help support other independent businesses of all kinds wherever we can, so this year we started Whistlefish & Co. 

This continues our championing of local makers and artisans such as Lucy Joines and Nicki Matin pottery as well as ongoing collaborations with brands like the Furniss Biscuits and Atlantic Distillery. 

We are so grateful to have on board these independent creators - who share our Green Matters ethos - to be a part of Whistlefish & Co, helping to bring you even more gift and homeware options with their gorgeous products.

Explore our exciting new Whistlefish marketplace, meet the makers and discover some fantastic, unique items.


Keynvor Cornwall

Did you know 'Keynvor' is Cornish for 'Ocean'

Keynvor are an environmentally conscious brand based on the west coast of Cornwall. The ocean and nature is at the heart of everything they do, which is why they are an entirely plastic free company. They pride themselves on their ethics and don't ignore their responsibility to look after the planet. 

Keynvor candle fragrances are made in a place that inspires the open minds, the trail seekers, lovers of the wilderness and the freedom found in the unknown. The products they have carefully created transport you to memories of times you have yet to fulfil. 


Josh's Chocolate

This scrumptious chocolate is locally produced on a classic Cornish farm, nestled in hills and valleys between Newquay and Truro. Josh's family has a rich dairy history in Cornwall and always uses local ingredients wherever possible when making his delightful, delicious chocolate. 

"Glorious Cornwall – home of such beauty, spirit and my heart! Growing up on my family farm, I had an idyllic childhood filled with memorable moments and time spent enjoying simple pleasures in the beautiful landscapes of Cornwall. It’s where I discovered my passion – great tasting chocolate!

Today, I live to create new memories, pairing time with loved ones with perfectly created chocolate treats! I’d like to think that my chocolate can become a part of YOUR celebrations and memories, as well. For me, no celebration of life’s sweet and delicious moments is complete without chocolate!"


Cape Cornwall Rum 

The Cape Cornwall Rum Company is run by co-founders, Jack Shannon and Harvey Thomas and are based on Cape Cornwall, at the very west of Cornwall. They create the finest rums with a Cornish twist, lovingly made on a family farm in an area that is steeped in smuggling folklore! 

In 1925, Harvey’s great great grandfather was surprised to discover bottles of alcohol mysteriously built into the walls of his farm cottage. Legend has it that to avoid high government taxes, rum and other goods were often smuggled into Cape Cornwall by boat and stored in a farm building known as 'The Wink'. The Cape Cornwall Rum Company now use that very same building to lovingly age, mix, spice and bottle their specialist rums.

We currently stock three flavours of Cape Cornwall Rum; Spiced, Gold and White. We also offer a trio gift set of minis as little taster for rum lovers!


Cape Cornwall White Rum pictured

The Cove Bathing Co

The Cove - and each and every one of their products - are created out of a passion for Cornwall, the Cornish coast and the beauty of the sea. Each product is designed to provide a connection to a place in Cornwall, as well as providing specific remedies for common complaints or ailments. 

As a company they believe in kindness. Kindness to their customers, kindness to their suppliers and stockists and kindness to the planet. They are not here to just make profit, they want to operate within The Kindness Economy and make positive, tangible difference to the local economy and environment. All their products are completely natural, vegan friendly, cruelty free and hand-crafted here in beautiful Cornwall. 

The Cove Bathing Co are making this happen in a few ways and hope their efforts can continue to develop as they do. They plant two trees per order placed, make regular donations to charities such as The Wave Project and The RNLI and also make regular donations to worthy causes as and when they present themselves.


 Bianca from The Cove Bathing Co in her workshop

Rach Richards

Rach Richards always knew she wanted to do something creative with her career, so not too long ago she decided to teach herself to use a kiln and craft her own ceramic jewellery. 

Richards takes inspiration for her shell designs from her surroundings. 

"My jewellery comes to life from my tiny studio nestled deep in the Cornish countryside. It is a stone’s throw from the ocean, where I take all my inspiration. From stormy wintery walks to summer days with sandy toes, the ocean will always be in my soul.

Hence my jewellery has a sea-worn appearance, like it has just been washed-up on shore. A treasure waiting to be found.

I’m self-taught in the traditional techniques of pottery and metalsmithing. I can get lost in the process of designing and making; when I look up, I have created something beautiful and unique."


 Pictured: Rach Richards in her studio

Home County Candle Co.

The Home County Candle Co. is a luxury home fragrance brand born in Hertfordshire with one simple mission: to bring the stories of the UK's most beautiful places to life through unique, nostalgic and heartfelt scents, unlocking precious memories of home and evoking powerful reminders of holiday destinations here in the UK.
Discover 'The Cornwall' candle and reed diffuser, inspired by long summer days exploring enchanting Cornish rock pools.
Be delighted by 'The Devon' - the scents of delicious Devonshire clotted cream tea will take you back to glorious Summer holiday's.




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