Whistlefish & The Prince's Trust

This summer 2022, we announce a new era as Associate Partner with The Prince’s Trust.

Being a part of the The Prince’s Trust is nothing new for Whistlefish. We’ve been working with them since 1996 when our founder Lyn found herself in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style presentation whereby she had to present her initial idea for ‘Milkwood Publishing’, the company which would eventually become Whistlefish.

Lyn attending craft fairs with her hand painted work whilst still in the navy.


With the £3500 loan she received from The Prince’s Trust, Lyn was able to buy a phone fax machine, rent a small unit in Helston, Cornwall to make her products and, excitingly, was able to produce her first print run of six designs. Previously every card had been hand-painted or contained real pressed flowers; printing enabled the first business scale-up.

Over the course of 12 months she was armed with incredible business advice from the two mentors that the trust provided, guidance from professionals that proved invaluable in getting the business off the ground. Lyn self-proclaims that she “Had no clue!” about the ins and outs of starting a business, from renting space to sourcing staff, but the help that she received from the mentors during this time made all the difference between success and failure in a competitive industry.

“Whistlefish simply wouldn’t have happened without the help I received from The Prince’s Trust. I’m so proud that we are now in a position to give back and help give young, passionate people the same opportunity that I had.”


Lyn meeting Prince Charles in 1996 after receiving her loan


A beautiful idea, combined with passion, hard work and the help from The Prince’s Trust has evolved to become one of the most-loved, successful art brands in the Cornwall. With 12 shops and a head office in the South West, employing over 100 people, Whistlefish is a great example of how the The Prince’s Trust can help establish a brand that will stand the test of time, still going strong 26 years on.

Today, The Prince’s Trust is still helping young people with exactly the same issues; how to set up a company, find work and build their confidence in the world of business. They work with delivery partners across the UK to offer hundreds of free courses, grants and mentoring opportunities to inspire young people to build their confidence and start a career.

“We are thrilled that Whistlefish will be supporting The Prince’s Trust and are excited about this partnership. It is amazing to see a company that was supported by our Enterprise Programme thrive, and now be in a position to support more young people on their journey into work, education and training”


At Whistlefish, we recognise the difference that support like this can make and in order to provide more young people with more opportunities, have partnered with The Prince’s Trust to help raise much-need funds. In our new role as Associate Partner, we will partake in a number of commercial and event-based activities throughout the year with the aim of raising at least £8,000 annually. We hope to inspire more young people to seek out the help they need and make their business dream a reality.

Upcoming Fundraising Events

A portion of the proceeds from our Christmas Cards will be donated towards The Prince’s Trust, between August and December 2022.

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Members of the Whistlefish team will take part in the ‘Palace to Palace’ cycle ride at the end of September 2022. Being in Cornwall, we won’t be attending the London version so instead will ride from Pendennis Castle to St Mawes Castle on the South coast. You can sponsor our brave participants on our fundraising page.