Ol Factory Knockout Coffee



Ol Factory's signature seasonal espresso. With changing seasons, so will our coffees change. This time round, Ol Factory focused on combinations that highlight the best of sweetness and character complemented with very subtlte acidity and well pronounced rounded body.

Combining their beloved Fazenda Cruzeiro for the 4thyear, bringing the sweetness of red juicy grapes, with the sweet and chocolatey Finca Aurora form Mexico and the caramelly Adelina Lot form El Cipres in Costa Rica. Each bean is delicious as a single origin, but when combined they bring out the best in each other.

55%   Fazenda Cruzeiro - Brazil
25%   Finca Aurora - Mexico
20%   Finca el Cipres (Adelina Lot) - Costa Rica

Taste:   Red grape, cacao nibs, fudge
Variety:   Rubi & Caturra
Process:   Natural & Washed
Altitude:   1000 - 1800 masl


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