Blackberry & Cornish Wildflower Gin 70cl



Tarquin hand-selected 14 different botanicals – carefully sourced from both distant and exotic locations around the world – to craft a gin in proud celebration of the Great British Blackberry.

TASTE ~ Initial hit of bright Summer pudding and frangipani on the palate with a zesty, sherbety mouth feel and fragrant sweetness from the wildflower honey.  

NOSE ~ Crisp, fragrant juniper still prominent as the backbone of the gin, with notes of blackberry crumble, wild red berries and sweet spice.

FINISH ~ Candied lemon sherbet and zingy raspberry sorbet, with balance and rounded sweetness coming from the honey. Retains a lovely dryness to the finish due to zero added sugar. 

  • Alcohol: 38%
  • Size: 70cl

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