Grown From The Cutting Garden

Cutting gardens offer the most beautiful flowers that have been grown and primed to perfection for bouquets and as decorations for the most exquisite and important occasions such as weddings. The stems are cut from the plant bearing them easily and without causing any damage so the plant can continue producing beautiful flowers after being cut.


The Cornish Cutting Garden Collection offers a range of stunning florals elegantly displayed on cards, stationary and homeware (coming soon to The rich colour palette of glowing orange, illuminating pinks and natural greens offers a warm and Autumnal feeling, perfect for this changing season.

Different plants grow in different climates, the flowers featured in the Cutting Garden are ones that flourish in a UK environment with the right amount of nurturing.


  • Dahlia - Dahlias are bright and beautiful and intricately layered flowers that look very exotic. You can get dahlias in almost every colour of the rainbow and there are several varieties such as cactus, pom pom and single, they ones depicted in the collection are Pom Pom Dahlias.
  • Poppy - Poppies are a classic English wildflower the red ones have been used in Remembrance Days for decades. The white poppies have become more popular in the last few years.
  • Peony - Native to Asia, Europe and West North America in china they symbolise good luck, prosperity and romance. They are also edible!
  • Freesia - Freesia's are considered to be a very unique in the hauticultural  world. They are used in bouquets are a stunning flower to compliment the larger 'show off' flowers such as peonies and roses.

holding flower cards


 homeware gifts 

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