Top 20 Most Popular Art Prints & Canvases to make your house a home

Cornwall is our heart and art is our soul here at Whistlefish. 

We simply love art; it’s the feeling of excitement when you find that special piece that will light up your living space and the peaceful contentment you get when you furnish your room with the perfect picture. We are extremely proud of our artwork and we put our heart and soul into each print we produce. Every one of our framed prints and canvases are hand made at our framing factory located in the heart of Cornwall, so you know when you pick that perfect print from Whistlefish you are bringing a real piece of Cornwall into your home.

 20. Bedruthan Steps

The picturesque and unique location of Bedruthan Steps is a sight many people love to remember. With this gorgeous Whistlefish framed artwork you can be transported back to this stunning location in North Cornwall. 


19. Fistral Beach Travel Print

The surf capital of the UK had to make it into our top 20, this piece by Whistlefish has an essence of a vintage postcard, it pictures swooping gulls, surfers and palm trees in the foreground and is sure to make you feel nostalgic.


18. Forget Me Not by Hannah Cole

Cool blues, pastel shades and a trademark dog; this piece is quintessential Hannah Cole. 


17. I Must Go Down To The Beach by Iris Clelford

This calm, pastel piece will remind you of hot days in summer wandering the coastal path.


16. Shoreline Haze I by Iris Clelford 

The first canvas of our Top 20. This beautiful abstract piece of artwork by Iris Clelford is made up of relaxing greys, soft blues and mellow white tones to reflect a tranquil mood. There's no wonder why this item is so popular, this is the perfect picture in your home to help manifest a calm and cool vibe. 


Shoreline Haze is also available in different variations and as smaller art prints.

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15. Breakers by Hannah Cole

Hand framed in White Wood Grain, deep turquoise breaking waves on big swell days is a sight you're sure to recognise.


Available as small (HC158F), medium (HCI52F) and large (HC150F) sized framed or unframed art prints.


14. Trevone Bay

Trevone Bay a beautiful cove located approximately 2 miles from Padstow. A glance at this each day will take your mind wandering back to summer days.




13. Shoreline Haze II by Iris Clelford

You can practically smell the salty air and hear the low, rolling billows of the sea just from looking at this canvas.


12. Crantock Beach 

Just around the corner from Newquay and a hop across the Gannel Estuary (when the tide is out) you will arrive at the golden sands of Crantock beach. 


11. Polzeath Sunset

It's easy to fall in love with the pinks, purples and oranges of a Cornish sunset. With this Polzeath travel print you can be transported back to evenings on the southwest coast each time you look at it.



10. Kynance Cove Travel Print

This National Trust site is a must see and it's hard to believe this amazing location is even in the UK. It's even harder to go here and not be absolutely blown away by awesome landscape, it really is like something out of a Pirates Of The Caribbean film set, especially on a gloriously hot summers day!


 9. St Ives

St Ives is one of the most talked about towns in Cornwall, in 2021 it hosted the G7 summit and world leaders, but for most, it's a terrific place to enjoy a nice vacation. St Ives is bet knowfor its art culture, with this travel print you can take a piece of St Ives home with you. 


8. Cornwall Map by Claire Rossiter

This map of Cornwall is ever so popular. You can also get Claire Rossiter's fun and quirky maps of towns such as Newquay, Truro and Looe. We also sell it as tea towels and tote bags as the lovely Lucy is accessorising brilliantly in the photo below!



7. Cornish Lines

This image is any surfer's idea of paradise, just look at that set coming in, a perfect off-shore wind, breaking clean - surf's up!



 Photo credit: @itsgoodtobehome___


6. Watergate Bay 

This large stretch of sand near Newquay is a popular surf spot with the open bay inviting in some big waves. 


Photo credit: @Gettingstuffdoneinheels


5. Reflections by Hannah Cole

Ship's dog! This little fellow enjoys his own reflection in this bright, summery painting from one of our most popular artists.


4. Constantine Bay 

You can witness some truly breathtaking sunsets on most west-facing beach in Cornwall and Constantine Bay is one of the best. This stunning art print by Whistlefish really captures a pink sunset like no other! 


photo credit @my_happy_witney_house

3. Harlyn Bay II 

Harlyn Bay is part of the 'Seven Bays for Seven Days' strip of beaches along the North coast of Padstow. We've created two different travel print designs of Harlyn Bay so you can pick whichever one suits your style best!



Photo Credit: @maxineclairedavey


2. Coming Home to Cornwall

See below...


Photo credit @florence_and_us

1. Nearly There 

There's a subtle difference within our second and first travel prints, although identical in image. Quite often you'll hear the term 'if you know, you know' within the caption of seeing these famous trees. 

The 'Coming Home Trees' and 'Nearly There Trees' are a natural landmark along the A30 where everyone local or otherwise recognises as being almost in Cornwall. It's no surprise this particular piece has landed itself as our top 2 sellers. For many, these trees are a vision of excitement and adventure to come.




With these pieces of Whistlefish artwork, you really can bring a piece of Cornwall into your home.

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