Who was Saint Valentine? And why do we celebrate Valentines Day?

Who is Saint Valentine?

There are many stories that circulate about Saint Valentine and according to historical records there has been more than one! 

Western cultures have been celebrating Valentine's Day as early as the 3rd century which was in Roman times.

The most romantic story behind Valentine's day and why we celebrate it each year.  The Roman Saint Valentine, before he was dubbed a 'Saint' was imprisoned by Roman Emperor Claudius II because he refused to stop performing Christian wedding ceremonies and marrying couples. Some stories say Claudius did not want people to believe in God because he wanted to be the only person worshipped by the people in his empire. Other historical documents state this is because unmarried soldiers fought better than married ones. Another theory along with the aforementioned was that the idea of monogamy in those times wasn't as popular as it is now.

What did St. Valentine do?

After being sent to jail, Valentine wrote letters to the Emperor's Daughter (which actually means that technically first ever Valentine's message was actually written in prison!) Valentine allegedly cured her blindness, this act lead others to convert to Christianity, thus sealing his own fate. The Emperor was enraged by his shrewdness and sentenced him to be hung on 14th February. Valentine wrote one final letter to the daughter signing it 'from your Valentine'.

from your valentine

Through his devotion to God, his faith and his general love for love, it was safe to say that Saint Valentine is the true embodiment of love.

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3 interesting facts you didn't know about Valentine's Day

  • Valentine's Day was originally a pagan fertility festival until it evolved into the more romantic Christian celebration of Love we know today.


  • Richard Cadbury of Cadbury's chocolate invented the heart-shaped box of chocolates as a gift for Valentine's Day, this made chocolates an essential part of a Valentine's Day gift since the late 1800s.


  • 'Love Heart' sweets were originally lozenges to help ease a sore throat. They have been around since the 1800s when cutting and printing machines were invented to produce them. They were initially marketed as 'conversation hearts' in the mid-1800s, sayings related to love were printed on them and often given out at events such as weddings. 


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

The gift of chocolate is great but a little bit predictable, think outside the box this Valentine's Day and give a deliciously unique gift instead. Send your sweetheart some decedent heart biscuits this Valentine's Day. Nothing says 'I love you' more than bespoke handmade biscuits. 

hand painted biscuits

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