Cards with Care: This Year’s Chosen Charities

Christmas is the time of year when our cards take on a distinct charm. Beyond the intricate designs and carefully crafted words, these cards hold a special place in the hearts of those who send and receive them across the country.

With every card we create, there's more than just ink and paper involved; there's intention, thought, work, and care. Just like the cards themselves, the enchantment of the season isn't solely about twinkling lights and cozy gatherings – it's also rooted in the remarkable ability of people coming together to create positive change.

As we embark on our annual Christmas Appeal, we've ventured to seek out charities that resonate with our values. Selecting from a sea of incredible causes was no small task, but we're thrilled to introduce you to the three exceptional charities we've chosen to support this year.  

A Hedgehog's Haven: Prickles and Paws

hedgehog in held in heart-shaped hands

 Every year, they have over 1200 hedgehogs admitted for their care and rescue. A big goal they are working towards is building a Hogspital (a hospital for hedgehogs), with a target of £300,000 to make it possible.

We thought we would join and support their goal because caring for animals, big or small, is something close to our values as a collective, and company. These tiny creatures deserve our protection and support in their own right, and we’re glad the team at Prickles and Paws are leading the way in this matter.

This Christmas, we have some gorgeous hedgehog cards in our Christmas Cards Collection, and we hope with the support of our community to support the vital work of Prickles and Paws, making a real difference in the lives of these little wonders that bring so much delight to our world.

If you’d like to find out more about their work, take a look at their website:

Lifting Lives: Cornwall Air Ambulance

Cornwall Air Ambulance

Our second chosen partner is Cornwall Air Ambulance, or as we like to call them- guardians from the skies. Since 1987, Cornwall Air Ambulance has been providing rapid medical assistance to o the most seriously sick and injured people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, often reaching remote and challenging locations with their expert team. And while their work is crucial to saving lives, their work is solely funded through donations, relying on the generosity of regular people to cover the yearly costs of £6m to operate the charity.

Their dedication to saving lives is a reminder that the spirit of the season goes beyond festivities and touches the lives of those who require urgent care.

Through our Christmas Appeal donation, we want to support their heroic work and play a small part in their mission of saving lives and bringing hope at the brink of despair.

If you’d like to find out more about their work, take a look at their website: 


Clydesdale Horse Society

clydesdale horses

Our third chosen partner, and one we’ve previously supported, is the Clydesdale Horse Society. Just like its name, the organisation is on a mission to maintain the purity of the breed and promote the Clydesdale Horse, a breed whose numbers are drastically declining.

Officially introduced in June 1877, the society's primary objective revolves around preserving the breed's authenticity and raising awareness about the Clydesdale Horse.

Despite its deep-rooted history as an essential component of daily life in preceding eras, Clydesdales faced a critical turning point in 1975, earning a 'vulnerable' status from the Rare Breed Survival Trust. Yet, due to the persistent dedication of those who hold the breed close to their hearts, the Clydesdale population has witnessed a resurgence, now labeled as 'at risk'.

Nevertheless, the breed remains notably vulnerable as roughly 250 foals are being documented in the stud book annually. While some still undertake traditional farm duties like plowing fields and hauling logs, enthusiasts of the Clydesdale horse are exploring innovative ways to interact with them, including riding and showcasing them in related events.

If you’d like to find out more about their work, take a look at their website:

About our donation

As part of our Christmas appeal, we’ll donate 1p for every Christmas card sold at full price, whether purchased online or through our galleries. This also applies to our Christmas multi-buy offers, such as 15 cards for £10, where all cards will be counted towards the donation.

Please note that this donation offer will not be valid for trade sales or any other discounted promotional retail sales that involve giveaways, such as free delivery, free tins, or other discounted prices (excluding the standard £25 free delivery).

We believe that by supporting Prickles and Paws and Cornwall Air Ambulance, we're aligning with the true spirit of Christmas – compassion and care for all.

As you explore our Christmas card collection, consider the more profound meaning that your choice holds. Even at peak season, our pledge remains unchanged: exquisite cards that never compromise on quality and are kind to the environment.

With every card you send, you're sending hope and support, to not only your loved ones but also to the environment, and the people and creatures that need it most. 

We hope you’ll join us in making this holiday season brighter for all – for the hedgehogs, the lives in need, and the shared spirit of goodwill.


I’ve been buying your cards over the past 6 months and they’re fabulous! Only just realised you supported Prickles and Paws last year and I’m gutted I missed out on the cards. Hoping you might choose them again this year as their hogspital is still ongoing. 🦔💕

Melanie Hunt June 05, 2024

When is the earliest that I can order Christmas cards. Thank you for the beautiful cards that I have ordered from you so far.

Hilary Tullett May 01, 2024

I really like your cards. Do you donate to Cancer and the Homeless Charities

Therese December 16, 2023

Beautiful cards at amazing prices. So unique everyone who has received one from me has commented on them being so beautiful. Have just ordered my Christmas cards and they have just arrived. Once again amazing value for money and completely unique.

Lois Walton November 15, 2023

I’m so pleased with your choice of charities. All are such worthy causes and are not big national charities.

Susan Rose November 15, 2023

How thrilled l am to see you are sponsoring the charities l am also supporting … prickles and paws … l love the other two charities also , however l can only stretch to one atm … fabulous 💗

Elizabeth Beer November 15, 2023

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