How to create a simple and elegant Easter table setting

Easter is the next big event following Christmas, it's a lovely time of year to celebrate for religious reasons and for the coming of spring with your loved ones.

Easter's colour palette is often made up of pastel shades and bountiful floral blooms. Yellow is often a colour most associated with Easter because of daffodils, adorable little yellow chicks being born, and sunshine the colour is linked with the feeling of joy!

This article will teach you how to create a simple Easter table setting that will last all spring, is washable and can be reused each year.

easter table

The Whistlefish English Fields - Daffodils Collection is the perfect accompaniment to any Easter tablescape. The collection is inspired by the rolling fields of daffodils that can be seen all over Cornwall every spring.

Did you know that Cornwall is the world's biggest exporter of daffodils?

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The English Fields Daffodils Collection includes

- Table runner - the perfect alternative to an Easter tablecloth, it adds a stylish touch of colour while not overpowering the entire surface of the dining table.

- Napkins - These 100% cotton fabric napkins come in a set of 4, they can be washed and reused again and again. They can be folded in multiple ways to create a 'Daffodil' theme flowing throughout the table. You can even fold your napkins into easter bunnies to impress your guests!

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how to make rabbits out of napkins

Image features English Fields Daffodils Napkins (set of 4) £14.95 >

- Cushion - A beautiful and cosy piece of Easter decor you can keep on display all season

daffodils cushion

Image features English Fields Daffodils Cushion (£19.95) > 

Here's how you can use these items to make the perfect, simple and elegant Easter table setting for under £60.00 that you can reuse again and again!

1. Decorate your wall with easy-to-assemble tissue paper flowers (8.99) and a 'Happy Easter' Banner (5.99).

easter decorations

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2. Centre the table runner down the length of the table.

spring table runner

Image features English Fields Daffodils Table Runner (£19.95) >

3. Use placemats and plates at each setting and add napkins in whichever style you wish... we made these rabbit napkins out of English Fields Daffodils Napkins (£14.95)

rabbit napkins

Image features English Fields Daffodils Napkins (set of 4) £14.95 >

4. For some extra sparkle, add table confetti.

eco table confetti

Image features Daisy Gold Foiled Table Scatter (£3.99) >

5. Put your Easter centrepiece in the middle of the table, we chose yellow tulips and daffodils to fit the bright spring theme

 easter table setting

Watch the video on how to create the perfect Easter table decor >

 spring decor

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