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During April and May 2023 Whistlefish is donating funds to Cornwall Wildlife Trust for greeting cards* sold across stores and online at 

This is part of the Whistlefish '1 Good Cause' campaign - supporting a different charity each month by fundraising via card sales. 

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What is Cornwall Wildlife Trust?

We protect Cornwall's wildlife and wild places on land and in our seas. We are passionate about conservation and have helped people enjoy nature for over 60 years.

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Pictured: Penhale, Cornwall by Ben Watkins

How Cornwall Wildlife Trust was started:

In 1962, Ken Williams of the Camborne - Redruth Natural History Society, saw that Cornwall has a greater variety of natural wildlife environments and more rare and interesting species than any other county, and is one of those few regions which have no Trust. Along with Dr Frank Smith and Mr C H Halford, he called a public meeting at the Cornwall Museum and on the 23rd of March the Cornwall Naturalists Trust was formed. It later became Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

creating a cornwall where nature thrivesWhy is the work of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust so important?

Cornwall Wildlife Trust is the leading local charity dedicated to the conservation of Cornwall's outstanding wildlife and wild places, now and for the future. They protect Cornwall's wildlife and wild places on land and in our seas. They are passionate about conservation and have helped people enjoy nature for over 60 years.

The trust manages 59 nature reserves, covering over 5,500 acres, that give refuge to rare and endangered species and by working in partnership with farmers, Land Owners and Fishers they support wildlife-friendly management through Living Landscapes and Living Seas projects.

They also organise campaigning and lobbying to protect wildlife and its environment to influence government policy. By recording and monitoring wildlife, the trust shares its information, knowledge and expertise with local and national organisations with the aim of protecting as much wildlife as possible.

Another main aim of the trust is to inspire people. They carry this out by raising awareness about Cornwall's wildlife through education, events and volunteer opportunities. They also help children have fun with nature through Wildlife Watch, their junior wildlife magazine aimed at primary-aged children which comes free with membership.

See Cornwall Wildlife Trust reserves you can visit around Cornwall >

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How Whistlefish is going to help Cornwall Wildlife Trust:

As part of the Whistlefish charity 1 Good Cause Campaign, 1p from every Whistlefish card sale during April will be donated to Cornwall Wildlife Trust. The funds raised for Cornwall Wildlife Trust can help in several ways to support its mission of protecting and restoring wildlife and habitats in Cornwall. Some examples of how funds can be utilised include:

Habitat Restoration: Cornwall Wildlife Trust works to restore and manage habitats for wildlife across Cornwall. The funds raised can help them to undertake various habitat restoration projects, such as creating new wildflower meadows, planting native trees, or managing woodland to improve habitat quality for wildlife.

 windmill farm

Pictured: Windmill Farm, Cornwall by Ben Watkins

Species Conservation: The Trust also works to protect and conserve endangered species in Cornwall, such as the marsh fritillary butterfly or the Cornish chough. The funds raised can help them to undertake research, monitoring, and conservation actions to safeguard these species and their habitats.

Education and Outreach: The Trust also engages in various educational and outreach activities to raise awareness about wildlife and conservation issues in Cornwall. The funds raised can support the development and delivery of educational resources, public events, and community engagement initiatives.

Advocacy and Policy: Cornwall Wildlife Trust also advocates for policies and practices that protect wildlife and their habitats. The funds raised can support the Trust's advocacy efforts, such as lobbying for stronger environmental regulations or engaging with policymakers to promote wildlife-friendly land-use practices. 

Overall, the funds raised for Cornwall Wildlife Trust can help them to continue their vital work to protect and restore Cornwall’s wildlife and wild places.

Silver studded blue butterfly

Pictured: Silver Studded Blue Butterfly by Ben Watkins

How else can you support Cornwall Wildlife Trust?

You can help support the work of Cornwall Wildlife Trust by becoming a member. You can sign up easily on their website for just £2.50 a month! Other tiers of membership include Joint and Family memberships. Depending on the membership you have you will receive free goodies each month.

If people would like to become a member and support the work of Cornwall Wildlife Trust visit their website to find out more and join:



 Cover Photo credit: Ben Watkins


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