How to: Make a Jubilee Gin Jug

Perfect for sharing! This super easy gin cocktail recipe uses our Wildflower Gin, infused with rose petals for a light floral flavour and made in the UK. The strawberry and mint compliment each other, creating a beautifully balanced blend of sweet and fresh.



For 4 servings:

200ml Cornish Wildflower Gin

1 litre bottle of tonic

10 x Strawberries

Handful of mint sprigs

Lots of ice



1. Add lots of ice to your jug.

2. Measure 4 single 25ml shots of Whistlefish x Atlantic Distillery Cornish Wildflower Gin.

3. Cut strawberries into hearts and then scatter throughout the jug along with the mint.

4. Top up with tonic then enjoy in the sunshine with friends!

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