How to style spring flowers in your home

Spring is the most wonderful time of year for colour. As its signature blossom arrives, with typical pretty pinks and whites dusting the hedgerows, we can say goodbye to winter and welcome the warmer, brighter months.

As more and more flowers bloom, the countryside is filled with life once again. And with it comes sweet scents and vibrant scenes, as well as the pleasing sound of bees and insects filling the air.

Luckily, these picture-perfect scenes aren’t just limited to the outdoors. Spring also means you can fill your home with its delightful shades and florals, allowing you to get the most enjoyment out of this wonderful season.

To add spring flowers to your home, follow these simple tips.

Grow your seasonal picks

Because this is the best time of year to fill both your home and garden with beautiful flowers, it’s worth thinking ahead and doing a little prep if you want to grow them yourself.

Flowers that bloom in spring include: tulips, azalea, peony, primrose, lilac, iris and bluebells, to name but a few. Each boasting unique tones, patterns and scents, their individual features should be considered when choosing which ones to include in your plot.

For example, yellow pansies are said to represent happiness, while bluebells are considered mystical, often found in woodlands in a magical carpet of blue. The snowdrop is a hardy little plant which can break through snow to make way for spring, while the lilac has a particularly short bloom time, only lasting around 3 weeks.

Think about which flowers make you happy and suit your preferences, and to ensure they arrive in time, get planting in advance. Many spring flowers should be planted in autumn, while some can be as late as November or December before the ground becomes waterlogged.

Once planted, you can sit back and await their spring bloom. Then you’ll have a fresh supply of picks ready for your home.

Fill your home with colour

When it comes to placing flowers in your home, you can be as bold and bright, or as delicate and subtle as you’d like. The beauty of spring flowers is that the many colours and shapes will naturally be enjoyed in any setting.

While you shouldn’t worry too much about complementing interior colour schemes or styles, you can follow a few tips to make the most of your blooms.

  • Make them a focal point - place them where you’re likely to see them most. A kitchen island, dining table, or even bedside table are popular spots.
  • Think outside of the vase - try mixing up your flower placement, by adopting hanging baskets, wall planters, or, if you’re feeling really creative, by making flower garlands to hang over picture or door frames.
  • To keep your cut flowers fresh for longer; as they’re beginning to wilt, place the buds in a bowl of water. This floating design will also make a lovely table centrepiece!

Add floral furnishings

Florals are at the heart of interior design, with trends continually favouring seasonal blooms and tones. This wonderfully versatile design allows you to bring new, bold, and even contrasting shades into your home, filling it with spring flowers in more ways than one!

To complement your picks, grace other areas of your home with floral furnishings and art to really breathe life into each space. Adding floral art prints will prize your walls with spring long after the flowers have disappeared for another year. Or, floral cushions will truly brighten up your seating and create a positive and organic energy in your living area.

However you choose to style your home with spring flowers this season, we’d love to see pictures. Tag us over on Facebook.

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