Meet the Artist: Jacqui Winter

Jacqui Winter is a mixed medium illustrator based in Penzance Cornwall. She discovered her unique, textured and vibrant style by using a combination of mediums that include sketching, mark making and water colour on some occasions. Winter will then upload them to a computer and work on them digitally. We sat down with Jacqui to find out more about the stories behind her works of art and more about her creative process.
Can you talk us through your method of creating a piece of artwork? 
I’m always on the look-out for new ideas for my next piece of work. Living in such a beautiful area of the country, there’s always a location or view in Cornwall that inspires me. I’ll often take a few photos when out on a walk or if it’s a nice day, maybe spend a little time sketching or dabbling with watercolours. I also start thinking of other elements I may want to use as a focal point to bring a composition together, whether some form of wildlife or plant native to a particular location and will work on those separately to potentially use at a later point. From here I sketch out a really rough layout of a scene inspired by my research and then bring it all into Adobe Illustrator to start working it up into the finished format. 
lady facing away from camera sketching a landscape with the landscape in the background, there is a monument in the distance and a big blue sky filling the top of the phot and you can see the sea to the left
Jacqui sketching the landscape in the distance
What is an art tool you use that you cannot live without? 
My sketchpad. It’s where everything begins and ideas are formed. 
How do you choose your lovely colour palettes for your artwork?
The colours I use in my work are most definitely inspired by my coastal surroundings. I tend to lean towards aqua blues with a contrasting splash of colour such as red, much like my Padstow illustration. This palette captures everything I love about the Cornish coast on a sunny day. 
Scrolling through your collection we have in sale at Whistlefish, you seem to feature at least one seagull in your artworks, why is this? 
 That’s quite an amusing question, as I’ve actually got a bit of a bird phobia! Living by the sea, it seems only natural that I include seagulls in my work as they’re basically part of the scenery especially in Penzance. They also help bring a sense of movement to my art. 
Is the ‘St Ives Bay View’ artwork a view from your window? 
 Unfortunately, not! It was more of what I imagined the view would look like from one of those cosy St. Ives Cottages looking out across the bay. 
blue and yellow painting framed by bay window looking out onto a beach with seagull swooping and gull on the outside of the the window in the middle with a jug of daffodils to the right and a small yacht ornament sitting on the window sill on the inside of the window.
What technique do you use to create the appearance of movement in the sky and ocean in your pieces?
Loosely drawn lines, clusters of marks and a mixture of abstract shapes help give the impression of movement in my seas and sky's. As I explained before, these marks are normally created separately to the composition and I have lots of fun trying out different techniques placing them into the artwork playing around with them until I think they work.  
What do you think about when you're creating art? What influences the outcome of your artwork? 
 I try not to be too restrictive in how I create my art, I prefer a piece to evolve as I work on it rather than have too much structure. It also helps that I do have the most amazing view of the sea from my studio in Penzance. I feel so lucky to be able to just look up and be inspired without even leaving the building.  
view from a window looking over grey rooftops with a sunny blue sky and clouds a desk with some art supplies in the foregrund
View from Jacqui's home studio
What piece of your portfolio are you most proud of? 
I’m really pleased with how my artwork of St Ives turned out. The viewpoint, colours and textures came together so naturally. The idea for the composition was actually inspired by the view from the Tate Gallery Café, one of those amazing panorama's only St Ives can deliver. 
 illustrated framed artwork st ives by jacqui winters on the wall in the kitchen
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Fascinating to learn how you go about creating these wonderful images. You really capture the unique atmosphere of the Cornish landscape.

Brendan Flynn November 15, 2023

Beautiful paintings, love the colours you use.

June England October 14, 2022

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