Meet the artist: Kate Pearson

Kate Pearson is a lovely local artist we came across, right here on our doorstep in Redruth. She's an inspiration to creatives everywhere as she returned to her craft, after fifteen years of working in accounts. With thirteen dogs to look after, we wonder where she finds the time to make her fun and vibrant Cornwall scenes. Luckily she does, as they're wonderful additions to Whistlefish shops and online. Read on to see what she's most inspired by and how she describes her home style...

Where are you currently based?

Right here in Cornwall. I live just outside Redruth in a bungalow with a lovely view of Carn Brea.  I have been here about 5 years after living in Penryn and the far reaches of West Penwith.  The spare room is my studio space.

Are you a trained artist or self-taught?

For my current style of work I would say I am mostly self-taught, computers weren’t available to me when I was at college.  One job introduced Publisher software to me and that’s where I started and how I did most of my early designs.  A few years ago I did a 10 week evening course on the basics of Illustrator and that changed things a great deal for me. There is so much I still want to learn.

Good for you taking on an evening course. How did that grow for you to be a full-time artist?

I have always been artistic but after a BTEC in Graphic Design I lost my confidence and spent the next 15 years working in Account offices.  It was whilst working in one such office that I was asked to design a logo.  I used Publisher shapes to design a crane.  That was the start of where I am today. 

We're grateful that logo design stirred something in you as we absolutely love your work. Any creative mediums you prefer?

I used to do cartoons with pen and coloured pencils until I discovered the digital world.  Working on a computer, I like how I can change things easily, add or remove elements and get the block colour that I love.  If I had the time I would experiment more with lino printing as I really enjoy it.

Oh we'd love to see your lino printing work. Do you have any preferred subjects?

Cornwall, the seaside, dogs (especially terriers) and seagulls.

That makes complete sense from looking at your collection with us (it includes all of the above). How would you describe your work? In three words, perhaps?

Colourful, fun and vibrant

We couldn't agree more! Where do you draw inspiration from?

It’s that old cliché but my surroundings, Cornwall is full of inspiration be it the landscape, animals or the people. 

Where would your home from home be?

My gift shop in Redruth.  I have an area to work there and am surrounded by lots of beautiful things made by talented people, most of whom are my dear friends.

How about your home style? What’s that like?

Definitely eclectic!  I love retro pieces, colourful artwork, ceramics and glass.  I also collect lots of things so minimalism isn’t in my vocabulary.

How about away from home, where’s your favourite place to travel?

Due to having 13 dogs I rarely leave Cornwall but last year I had a weekend in Bristol, it’s a great city.   

13 dogs! Wow! What’s been your coolest ‘pinch me’ moment?

Seeing the leaflet I designed for Trebah Garden in the tourist information stands.  It was my first proper job commission and an amazing client.

What’s next for you Kate?

This is a hard question as you never know, as long as it’s doing what I love and people still enjoy my work I will be happy.

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