Whistlefish Eco Friendly Packaging

Green matters is the Whistlefish commitment to a sustainable future and it is at the heart of everything we do. Moving forward, Whistlefish wants to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible when it comes to creating greetings cards as well as packaging and delivering them.

Along with our greetings cards and wrapping paper being completely recyclable and made from recycled paper, in an effort to reduce waste for ourselves and customers we have transitioned to 100% recyclable packaging to become even more environmentally friendly.

Look out for these logos featured on our products, here's what they mean!

 What does FSC mean?

You might have seen the FSC logo on a lot of cardboard and paper products, FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Certified, this mean that the material used to make this product is sourced from a sustainable forest location. 



Natural sticky gum and biodegradable sticker to seal our greetings cards

 Instead of sealing the greetings cards individually in a cellophane sleeve Whistlefish have changed to being 100% plastic-free. We seal our cards with an eco-friendly, peel-able sticker.

Sustainable greetings cards - 10 for £10 


Delivering our cards to you

When you place an order for cards, it is shipped in a protective but recyclable cardboard box which we call a 'twisty'. Many companies use plastic bags for delivery as these are a cheaper option, but cardboard from a sustainable source which can be easily recycled is our choice.


Cardboard protective frame corners and biodegradable packing pillows for shipping artwork

Shipping fragile artwork isn't easy as we have to use lots of materials to ensure it gets to our customers safely. With this and our sustainability pledges in mind, we want to minimise the use of plastic where we can. Plastic corner pieces are being phased out and have been swapped for cardboard. Any artwork frames made with glass and wooden canvases are cushioned in their shipping box with biodegradable air pillows.


Packaging for the future

Whistlefish's future is certainly green and the Whistlefish Green Matters ethos is at the heart of everything we do in order to progress our 'eco' credentials. Whistlefish plan to continue our reduction of the use of all non-recyclable and biodegradable materials within the next few years.

To read more about Whistlefish's enviro nmentally friendly credentials please visit the Green Matters page here.



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