Explore the secrets of the South West and visit all the Corners of Cornwall

Inspired by her passion for Cornwall, Jen started an Instagram page, Corners of Cornwall (@cornersofcornwall), to document all the captivating photos she took. As it grew in popularity, it motivated her to explore even more of this magnificent county. Consequently, the Corners of Cornwall website and blog was born, enabling her to provide detailed descriptions of the places she discovered, stayed, and explored, with the intention of helping others plan their own adventures.

"There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of planning and completing a new excursion and then documenting it for others to follow suit," says Jen.In this article, Jen shares some of her favourite places to eat, swim, see flowers, visit the beach, watch the sunset, and even go shopping. 

So, let's embark on a journey through the wonders of Cornwall together.

jen on the beach

Are you from Cornwall?

Yes born and raised Cornish! I grew up on Bodmin Moor on a farm. My family are farmers and I've always loved the moorland because of this. I left only temporarily for University but always knew Cornwall was home.

What are your hobbies?

I love walking, which is no surprise to anyone who follows me online as I try to spend any free time on the coastal path. I've always been quite creative so I'm generally always making something, gardening, baking, anything that I can make look pretty!

cute sheep and chicken photo

(Pictured) Sheep and chickens on Jen's family farm

 Why did you start the Corners of Cornwall blog?

 I started my Instagram page first, just as a place to store all my photos of Cornwall. It naturally grew and it encouraged me to explore so much more of the county than I ever had. The blog came later as a way to further describe the places I'd seen, stayed or explored, to help others plan their adventures. I love the process of planning a new adventure, getting out and completing the walk and then writing about it so others can do the same.
Where’s your favourite place to … and why for each place


I run an Instagram account called Eat Drink Cornwall (@eatdrinkcornwall) which highlights all the amazing places to eat. Because of this, I've been to so many wonderful spots throughout Cornwall. One of my favourites recently was Nancarrow Farm just outside of Truro. 

SPRING FEAST 🌿 An evening at the incredibly beautiful @nancarrowfarm - an organic family run farm outside of Truro. With gorgeous converted barns and outbuildings, the farm offers regular feast nights, farm picnics and Sunday lunches throughout the year. Served in their charming barn or outside in the sunshine, you’ll be presented with the most delicious food from a fantastic menu. With very well respected chefs @jacksonbristow and @chefadamf ensuring the best quality flavours 👌🏻 Spend some time before or after your feast, to stroll around the beautiful wild gardens, veg patches and pond or take in the surroundings on the wildlife walk.

Nancarrow Farm Spring Supper featured on @eatdrinkcornwall


As I'm often alone whilst out walking, I prefer tidal pools to the sea just for safety reasons. I recently had a morning swim at Trevone tidal pool and it was lovely. 

swimming in trevone tidal pool

See flowers

Coastal wildflowers are some of my favourites, it's always so exciting when the sea thrift starts to bloom. That being said, you can't beat the poppies at Polly Joke. 

polly joke poppies cornwall

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Go to the beach

I've never been able to choose a favourite beach but I will say that Lantic Bay is very special. It's not the easiest to get to but that just adds to the adventure. 

lantic bay cornwall

Watch the sunset

Holywell Bay is one of my favourite sunset spots as you can set up on the huge sand dunes and enjoy the view.  

Sunset at Holywell bay

Go shopping

You can't go wrong with a shopping trip down to Falmouth. So many beautiful independent boutiques that I love to browse whenever I'm in the area.  

colourful bunting over falmouth town

Do you surf?
Not a surfer, learning to surf! Find a lot of peace in watching surfers and find that particular artwork very calming. 

surf wall art

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What is your favourite Cornish harbour town?

I think Charlestown would be my favourite. It's unique and beautiful plus has amazing spots to eat and the coast path around there is great. 

charlestown harbour wall art

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If you had to choose a corner to move to and stay out of North, East, South or West Cornwall where would you go and why?

I've always said I'd love to live in Zennor. It's almost as far from where I'm currently based on Bodmin Moor as you can get but there's something so magical about the rugged beauty of that area. 

If I had a choice, the weather would look a little more like this, but I’ll take the 3 day weekend regardless! I’m walking towards the coast path at Zennor in this photo, so I can almost guarantee there’s a huge grin on my face

This area is also close to St. Ives. To me, St.Ives reflects everything I love about Cornwall; tropical waters, stunning sandy beaches, narrow streets with cute cottages and an abundance of incredible small businesses. This painting is fun, showing the joy that this exact spot in St. Ives brings me and so many other people!

sunny st ives wall art

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Immerse yourself in Cornwall's splendour: Follow Jen's captivating Cornish lifestyle pages on Instagram @cornersofcornwall and @eatdrinkcornwall. Discover more at cornersofcornwall.com, your ultimate guide to Cornwall's hidden treasures.

All photos featured in this journal are by Jen Masters


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I’ve come to love Cornwall over the years and may have moved there on retirement but coming from the South East, our family would have been too far away so it’s Dorset. So I know where you are coming from Jen. The Roseland Peninsular is a particular favourite. I will have to tell you of my ex governor at work, Charles Spicer, who was a Cornishman, moved to London to make his fortune, but back to Cornwall on retirement.
You live in alovely area!

Brian Starkings July 11, 2023

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