Top Whistlefish Christmas Cards 2023

The much anticipated Whistlefish Christmas card collection for 2023 has been released. Our extremely talented designers have been working ever so hard with designing Christmas cards of all genres and styles, from traditional Christmas scenes to contemporary festive settings. We've compiled a list of styles which are bound to resonate that warm merry feeling for you and your recipients. 

Oval Polar Bear Kisses Christmas Card

Get ready to add a playful twist to your holiday greetings with our whimsical Christmas card! Meet our mischievous illustrated polar bear, caught right under the mistletoe – talk about a bear-y cute situation! This card is all about bringing smiles and laughter to the festive season. Whether you're looking to share a cheeky chuckle or a lighthearted nudge, our polar bear and mistletoe combo have got you covered. So, pucker up and pass on the holiday cheer with a wink and a grin! Share this card with your significant other or someone who takes your fancy!

X3024 - Oval Polar Bear Kisses Christmas Card

Spirit Hot Chocolate Christmas Card

Step into a world of holiday luxury with our whimsical Christmas card featuring a scene straight out of Whoville, from the Christmas classic film 'The Grinch'. Imagine a cup of hot chocolate fit for a Who, brimming with decadence and topped with swirls of whipped cream that seem to touch the sky. This card captures the magic of the season in every sip, inviting you to savour the warmth and joy of the festivities. Send this card to someone who deserves a touch of whimsy and a taste of the extraordinary this Christmas.

X3049 - Spirit Hot Chocolate Christmas Card

Vintage Pheasant Christmas Card

Celebrate the magic of the season with our enchanting Christmas card, featuring a captivating illustration of a partridge nestled in a pear tree. This scene comes to life with a touch of elegance as the card is adorned with exquisite gold foiling, adding a radiant glow to the festive ambience. The partridge's charm and the pear tree's allure create a timeless holiday tableau that captures the heart of tradition and joy. Share this card with someone special, and let the shimmering gold and timeless imagery make their holiday truly shine.
X3079 - Vintage Pheasant Christmas Card

Blue Hedgehog Christmas Card

Spread the joy of the season with our heartwarming Christmas card, starring a delightful illustration of two adorable hedgehogs nestled amidst a festive backdrop of Christmas foliage. This charming scene captures the essence of holiday togetherness and the warmth of friendship. The cute hedgehogs and their festive surroundings create a cozy and inviting tableau that perfectly encapsulates the magic of this time of year. Share this card with a friend who appreciates the sweetness of the holidays and the beauty of nature's embrace. 

X3115 - Blue Hedgehog Christmas Card

Dog Camper Christmas Card

Embark on a whimsical winter journey with our festive Christmas card, featuring a classic red VW camper adorned with a twinkling Christmas tree on its roof. This charming scene takes you on a nostalgic ride through a snowy wonderland, evoking feelings of adventure and holiday spirit. The iconic camper, bedecked with its seasonal cargo, stands as a symbol of festive joy and the joy of the open road. Send this card to someone who cherishes the magic of both the season and the journey, and let them share in the joy of this cheerful winter scene.

 X3090 - Dog Camper Christmas Card

Neon Bauble Christmas Card

Ignite your holiday spirit with our vibrant Christmas card adorned with an array of striking and almost neon-hued Christmas baubles suspended from a festive tree. This card bursts with a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns that bring an electrifying and modern twist to traditional decorations. The dazzling baubles against the lush tree backdrop create a visual spectacle that embodies the essence of celebration and joy. Send this card to someone who embraces the bold and the brilliant, and let them experience the holiday season in a whole new light.

X3097 - Neon Bauble Christmas Card 

Spirit Gin Glass Christmas Card

Get ready to toast to the holiday season in true gin lover's style with our festive Christmas card. Front and centre is a gin glass, adorned with a whimsical green hue that promises good times and great flavours. And for the pièce de résistance, we've added a pun that's sure to tickle any gin enthusiast: "Let the Festivities Be Gin!" This card captures the heart of a gin lover's celebration, offering a playful twist on traditional holiday cheer. Share the joy with your gin loving friends and family, and let the good times roll with a splash of juniper infused humour.

X3047 - Spirit Gin Glass Christmas Card

Bright Type Wonder Christmas Card

 Experience the enchantment of the season with our contemporary Christmas card featuring bold and stylish typography that spells out 'wonder'. The letters are artfully arranged in a mixed pattern, exuding a modern charm that perfectly captures the magic of the holidays. The light and festive colour palette adds an extra touch of joy to this captivating design. Send this card to someone who appreciates the beauty of simplicity and the wonder that the holiday season brings.

X3062 - Bright Type Wonder Christmas Card

Woodland Bauble Christmas Card

Embrace the magic of the holidays with our striking black Christmas card adorned with a burst of vibrant and colourful Christmas foliage. This captivating design comes to life with a touch of opulence, as shiny gold foiling accents each leaf and detail, adding a radiant glow to the festive scene. The contrast of the rich black background and the vivid foliage creates a truly mesmerising effect, capturing the essence of celebration and joy. Send this card to a dear friend who appreciates the beauty of contrasts and the splendour of the season, and let them experience the enchantment of this exquisite combination.

X3035 - Woodland Bauble Christmas Card

Ink Orange Foliage Christmas Card

Experience the season's charm with this floral Christmas card. Enjoy the blend of ink painted orange and blue festive florals and foliage, each detail carefully embossed to provide a tactile allure. At the base, discover heartfelt words, "Christmas Wishes and New Year Sparkle," encompassing the joy and excitement of the holidays. This card is a masterpiece of colours, textures, and emotions, perfect for sharing warm wishes with someone who values artistry and the enchantment of the festive season.

Share this card with someone who appreciates the fusion of creativity and tradition, and spread the joy of the season with every detail.

X3004 - Ink Orange Foliage Christmas Card

And if you are still reading and havent been tempted away by any of these wonderful designs yet, then you can see all of the rest of the range in our Christmas Cards Collection, where you will be sure to find something to make everyone of your loved ones feel special this Christmas.

All Christmas cards are £2 each or 15 cards for £10.

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I did so enjoy choosing my Christmas cards from Whistlefish.
Needless to say, I was spoiled for choice.
What a veritable group of talented artists.

Gay Winkle March 29, 2024

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