5 Benefits to Keeping a Journal

Keeping a diary or journal has been around for as long as humans were able to read and write. Due to the ever-growing rise of technology we are becoming more and more disconnected from traditional activities and hobbies. There are many health benefits to keeping a journal on top of just keeping track of your daily or weekly events. Over the the last couple of years improving ones mental wellness has never been so important. Here are 5 reasons as to why journalling is great for your health and personal development.

  1. It can help with communication skills and creative writing - when writing in first person and from your own experiences it can be a great opportunity for self reflection and personal growth through how you communicated these thoughts.
  2. It can help improve your memory - recent research has proven that people can actually remember a shopping list for example when it's been written down in their own handwriting.
  3. It can help reduce stress and anxiety - In a diary or journal you can privately express your thoughts, feelings and grievances however happy, sad or frustrating they may be. We're all human and it's been proven that when we write these feelings down it can actually work into moving past issues and letting things go. 
  4. It can help you visualise and achieve your goals - amongst the notes and daily jotting, you can doodle, bullet point and strategise a written out plan to give yourself a clear plan of how you want to achieve certain life or career goals.
  5. It can be nostalgic to look back to - reading back and reflecting upon where you were a certain point in your life journey, whether it be a successful experience or not it can always teach you something.


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