Atlantic Distillery: The Only Organic Cornish Gin

We joined Stuart in his organic produce small holding where he sources the vast majority of botanicals and herbs Atlantic Distillery use in their gin and Atlantic Brewery use in their beer.

What started as a hobby with a home brew kit in 2005 transformed into, what many people dream about, a full time livelihood and income from brewing his own beer. Stuart named his beer brand 'Atlantic Brewery' and he is Cornwall’s only Soil Association-certified organic spirit producer.

"Our beer is made with organic barley and hops. Back in 2005 brewing the beer with organic hops was very restricted so we had to source interesting ingredients from my small holding. We started using elderflowers, blackcurrants and things we could use from our garden that can also be brewed in beer. Which in turn made it easier for us in terms of experience when it came to distilling these ingredients in our gin."

One of the original beers they created that was for ‘Naked Outlaw’ it was an elderflower and lemon lager which compliments certain meals like fish. "We love creating a beverage that compliments a meal.” Says Stuart.

In 2017 Stuart extended his range of beverages into a distillery for organic vodka, vermouth, popular liquors and most famously, gin. He called this side of his company 'Atlantic Distillery'. 

 We had lots of botanicals in our organic certified garden because that is just a hobby of ours. Inspiration for flavours of gin comes from their keen interest in cooking, Stuart and Dave (The Head Distiller ) love to cook and Stuart's wife has always enjoyed growing flowers and vegetables in the garden. Atlantic Distillery are passionate gardeners, they pride themselves on their organic certified soil to produce the best unique, natural infused gins there is.

"We grow most of our ingredients for our gins in our certified organic small holding, we started experimenting with different infusions for the gin and before we knew it we had 2 different infused gins within two years."


Atlantic Distillery now have many gins, which they separate into 3 groups,

1. Classic Gins - Bowchaser, Gorsedh (Cornish word for 'gorse'), Jynevra (Cornish word for 'gin')

2. Garden Gins - Orange & Lavender, Wildflower, Rhubarb & Vanilla, Gooseberry & Elderflower, Blackcurrant & Mint

3. Speciality Infused Gins - Ring of Fire, Smoked Green Tea, Pudding, Earl Grey


1. Limoncello

2. Arancello 

3. Cornish Chassis 


1. Rose Vermouth

2. White Vermouth

Award Winning Vodka's:

1. Wolf in the Woods 

2. Dowr 


 Atlantic Distillery's Cocktail Pick

'Orange Gorsecco'

Ingredients (serves 1)

- Ice

- 25ml Atlantic Distillery x Whistlefish Gorse Gin

- 50ml Prosecco

- 25ml Atlantic Distillery Arancello

- Lemon slice


Measure Gorsedh Gin, and Arancello add to glass, stir, carefully add some ice. Then measure the prosecco and pour into the glass, add more ice (if wanted) and a lemon slice. Serve.


Ethical and Sustainable

"We live organically and I am very environmentally conscious, so we just extended this ethos into Atlantic Distillery and Atlantic Brewery to reflect what we believe." says Stuart.

Atlantic Distillery are passionate about doing their bit to be kind to the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. Their beer and spirits are produced as ethically as possible. They grow everything they can within their modest farm and whatever spent ingredients that are left from production go into their compost bin.

They have a sun tracking solar panel on their land this allows them to produce renewable energy which is all they ever use.

The spirits are all organic and vegan friendly and are thoughtfully bottled in recycled glass (which is why they are slightly turquoise in colour) with paper labels. Each bottle produced has a batch number printed on it so all ingredients can always be traced right back to the soil.


Are you in search of a great gift for a gin lover or after something unique and ethical for yourself? You can find all Atlantic Distillery x Whistlefish organic gin flavours by clicking the link below.

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