Recycled Paper in all our greetings cards

Green Matters is our commitment to creating a sustainable future. We rely on natural resources to create our gorgeous cards and wrapping paper so it’s really important that we find the best ways to reduce our impact on the environment, from working with fab sustainable suppliers to reduce the use of plastic packaging on our lovely cards.

Paper is at the heart of our business, so ensuring we’re sourcing this in the most sustainable way is really important to us. In light of this, we’re proud to have now moved over to 100% FSC recycled paper to create our greeting cards and envelopes.

Our range of luxury Christmas cards are made from 100% recycled paper

What is recycled paper?

Our new recycled paper is composed of 100% recycled fibres. This is a combination of post-consumer and pre-consumer reclaimed materials, in this case a 50/50 split between the two sources.

Pre-consumer waste are the materials reclaimed from secondary manufacturing or within the paper industry. The materials have either not been intentionally produced, are not fit for purpose, or cannot be re-used on site in the same manufacturing process in which they were generated.

Post-consumer materials on the other hand have been reclaimed from a consumer or commercial product that has been used for its intended purpose by the end-user. For example this could be materials recycled by individuals in their household waste, by businesses through their commercial recycling or by large organisations such as universities or schools.

These two types of recycled fibres are then combined by our paper supplier to create the paper we use across our greeting card ranges.

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What are the benefits of using recycled paper?

We’ve made the move to recycled paper so that we can limit our impact on the environment, minimise our use of natural resources and create a more sustainable approach to producing our lovely products.

By moving to recycled paper we can help to reduce the number of trees that are cut down, saving on average 17 trees for every tonne of recycled fibre used. It also reduces the amount of paper heading to landfill both in commercial use and from individuals recycling at home, as the materials can be re-used and turned into our lovely paper stock to make cards and wrap.


Will I notice a difference?

The only difference you’ll spot is that we are now proudly displaying ‘Made from 100% Recycled Paper’ on the back of our cards. You still enjoy the same great Whistlefish quality, knowing you’re doing your bit to reduce your impact on the environment.

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If you’d like to buy your own greeting cards made from 100% recycled paper, view our range of greeting cards, Christmas cards and luxury cards.

We hope you love them as much as we do! If you would like to read more about our commitment to sustainablitiy please visit our Green Matters page

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