Foxgloves & Daisies Med Art Print

by Hannah Cole



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Hannah Cole skilfully reintroduces a vibrant and lively colour palette in her portrayal of a quintessential scruffy dog on the beach. The frame comes alive with stunning pink and purple foxgloves, along with daisies, beautifully accentuating the scene. This delightful framed print is a treasure for admirers of Hannah Cole's work, as well as beach and dog enthusiasts. Perfectly suited for a bright home, it adds a playful pop of pink and green to the interior, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a touch of vibrancy and charm in their living space.

  • Orientation Square
  • Image Size: 380 x 370mm
  • Printed and Framed in Cornwall
  • Giclee printing for exceptionally clear art with superb colour and depth

Hannah is inspired by her frequent travels to the West Country, as well as the everyday seaside walks around Brighton and beyond. Her paintings depict the charm of Cornish harbours and bring back happy memories of beachside holidays.

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