Helping to restore the Celtic Rainforest

We recognise that paper is the main resource that we use in our business and without it, we wouldn’t be able to bring our vision and creations to life for you all to see.

Paper comes from trees, and trees are more than just a habitat for birds or a nice thing to look at — they help us breathe! They help us relax, connect us with nature and provide a fantastic ecosystem for animals, insects, and other life.

We decided to take action to offset the cost to the environment that results from our use of this wonderful natural resource, by helping to restore the Celtic Rainforest.

We have teamed up with the wonderful team at Plant One Cornwall – a UK-based woodland creation CIC whose mission is to regenerate these long-lost habitats using expanses of land in the South West. On a mission to bring back the Celtic Rainforest, Plant One creates publicly accessible woodlands and establishes a home for our native wildlife. A dedicated team, they work with local landowners, ecologically-committed businesses and communities to deliver a tangible effect on the challenges of climate change and habitat loss on a local level.

Working in partnership with businesses like Whistlefish, Plant One is regenerating Cornwall’s lost woodlands, one tree at a time. And you can do your bit too, by simply adding a pound to your order which will be donated to Plant One. Together, we can regenerate the lost woodlands of Cornwall.

Find out more about Plant One Cornwall, here.

1. You add that all important £1 to the cost of your order at the checkout

2. We combine your donation with our own monthly amount

3. Together we restore the Cornish Celtic Rainforests

Total trees we've planted: