Introducing: A Plastic Free Christmas!

Over the last few years, documentaries by Sir David Attenborough like Blue Planet II and Our Planet have really highlighted the impact the throwaway plastic is having on our planet.  We want to make sure that we’re not contributing to that and think its important that we do our bit along with everyone else.

Here at Whistlefish HQ, we sat down at the end of 2018 to discuss the environmental impact that our company has and what we can do to help build a more sustainable future. There were some things that do that we were already proud of. Things such as...

  • Ensuring we only print our cards and gift wrap on FSC approved materials.
  • Always using vegetable based inks when printing our cards and any making sure waste ink is taken away and used in other applications.
  • Working with printers who been awarded an ‘Excellent’ BREAM rating - the leading sustainability assessment for buildings. The building includes a large array of solar panels, reducing energy consumption, grass topped roofs, rainwater harvesting for toilet flushing and natural ventilation and excellent insulation to limit heat loss. 

We wanted to go further than this and it quickly became clear to us that our plastic cellophane sleeve that we used to keep our greeting cards packaged securely with it's envelope was the most important thing we needed to remove, if we were going to keep working towards an environmentally friendly future.

Millions of greeting cards are sold across the world every year (the average person in the UK sends 33 cards a year!) and most of them are individually wrapped due to pressures from retailers not wanting to lose the envelope from the greeting card.  By working with one of our greeting card suppliers, we now have a solution that involves a small sticker that keeps the envelope and card together.

No plastic, no film and no wrap, ensuring your product is 100% recyclable. Developed by the Windles Group, this mechanism keeps your card with the envelope securely, until the card is purchased, at which point the customer simply removes the easy-peel, recyclable seal.

We are delighted and excited to be able to provide our customers with all of our 2019 Christmas cards without a single plastic cellophane bag being used. We hope you will enjoy our range of Christmas designs even more than usual this year, especially as you can be happy in the knowledge that you will be helping us do our part in keeping our planet green and healthy!

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