Greetings cards made with vegetable based ink

Vegetable based inks are the most sustainable and eco way to print. Natural inks such as Soy ink has been tested for printing as early as 1987 so vegetable based inks have been around for a little while! We are very proud to say that all of our greetings cards are printed with vegetable based inks and are 100% recyclable and biodegradable - including the foil! - our Green Matters Printing Pledge - along with our other 4 pledges - is our commitment to creating a sustainable future.

What are vegetable based inks made from? 

Linseed, rapeseed, safflower, soya bean, corn oil and other vegetable based oils. These different oils from the vegetables are often combined to create the ink. You can also make ink from botanical oil. 

What is wrong with other printing inks?

Traditional ink used in printing is made up from minerals e.g. petroleum, which is an oil that is harmful to the environment. It cannot be reused or recycled like vegetable oil can.


The recycling process for paper is not easy, paper goes through multiple stages before it can be recycled. The paper is firstly cleaned then de-inked. Soy ink and other vegetable inks are a helpful component in paper recycling because it can be removed more easily than regular ink during this process, thus saving more energy. Furthermore vegetable inks are biodegradable unlike petroleum based ink. 


You've probably seen fields of rapeseed glowing yellow miles in the distance when walking or driving through the countryside. Now you can see it incorporated into bold and bright inks with this NEW Neon card collection. 

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