12 Thoughtful Messages to Write in Christmas Cards

As Christmas approaches, we all face a common dilemma: finding the perfect words to inscribe in our Christmas cards. With a flurry of festive preparations and gift shopping on our minds, crafting heartfelt messages can often prove to be a delightful yet challenging task.

Nevertheless, most of us can recall a cherished card from the past, one that left a lasting impression with its warm and sincere message. In the spirit of spreading holiday cheer, we are here to help you capture that magic in your own Christmas card greetings.

Join us as we delve into a collection of 12 thoughtful messages that you can pen in your Christmas cards, whether they are destined for a beloved family member, a dear friend, or a colleague. 

Feel free to change the pronouns as it best fits your scenario and relationship with the other person. 

Christmas messages for those with whom you have a closer relationship to:

1. Whatever you wish for most, and look to find in your daily life experiences, I hope it will all be yours for Christmas and beyond. With love, [your name].

2. I’ve witnessed you do some incredible things this year. May your new year be filled with strength, hope and exciting achievements. Keep being brave, I’ll be here to cheer you on. Have a magical Christmas!

3. It’s been a year full of new challenges and, although we are not together for Christmas, know you mean the world to me and have my unwavering support. Have a blissful Christmas!

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4. Happy Christmas,[name]! I hope this year ends on a calming note, allowing you to relax, recharge and connect. Have a magical Christmas!

5. Happy Christmas, [name]! I hope you can have a little time to unwind and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit. Have a blissful Christmas! 

6. As we celebrate this Christmas, know that my thoughts and heart are filled with your presence. I hope to see you soon. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!

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General Christmas messages: 

7. In the quiet moments of Christmas, may you find the beauty of life's simple pleasures and the depth of its true meaning to you. Sending you lots of love! Merry Christmas

8. May your thoughts be filled with peace and your heart be full of joy. Have a wonderful Christmas!

9. Wishing you a season filled with moments of pure magic, love, and laughter. Merry Christmas, and may your biggest dreams come true.

10. This Christmas, I hope you celebrate the memories of the past, the joys of the present, and the promises of the future. Have a wonderful Christmas!

11. Wishing you a Christmas that's like a well-written story, full of wonder, joy, and wonderful twists. Have a very merry Christmas!

12. May the joy and ease of the season echo in your every day, now and always. Have a wonderful time and a magical Christmas!

We'd love to hear what is your signature message, and what Christmas message has made a long-lasting impact on you. 

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Hello Whistlefish
I am not sure why this Christmas card web page is here in April, but it gives me chance to repeat myself!!
I have asked for several years why you can’t produce some (or even one) blank Christmas card. Many of your other cards have no words. I don’t think that Happy or Merry Christmas is appropriate for people suffering in some way. When I lost my daughter at 21, it seemed like an order when people said “Happy Christmas” or something similar. It felt like “Thou shalt be happy, get on with your life!”
Maybe in 2024?
Best wishes
Viv Hollinshead

Viv Hollinshead April 01, 2024

Thank you for my recent order, beautiful wrapping paper and Christmas cards. Exceptional quality and great art work 👌 Thanks so much 🌿

Tracy Carfield November 23, 2023

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