10 Tips On How To Choose The Right Art For Your Home

Choosing a piece of artwork for your home can be tricky. Especially as you will likely want something that's going to withstand the test of time, remain interesting and look fashionable in your home. We've compiled a short list of things to consider before you purchase a new piece of artwork.



 Image features Kynance Cove Framed Print by Georgie Harrison (£60.00)

  1. What’s your taste? Pick art that you like! It might sound obvious but it can be so easy to be influenced by a trend or someone else's opinion. At the end of the day, art is something which is very personal to you and you're the one who's going to look at it the most, so pick something that you enjoy!
  2. Read the room – What room is your artwork going into? For example, a bedroom is generally a place we relax and unwind at the end of a long day before going to sleep, so you would want something calming and not too busy. You can’t go wrong with a tranquil ocean scene placed opposite the bed or above the bed frame. 
    Image features Silver Surfer Framed Canvas by Iris Clelford (£195)
  3. Colour palette and theme - Knowing your colour theme is important for the vibe of the home or room as it reflects the mood as mentioned above, to really compliment the ambiance of a space you want to reflect. For example, take a look at the furniture and ornaments. Do they collaborate well together or do they clash? 
  4. White walls are your friends – Even if you’re a person who lives for colour, you can use a white wall in your home as a blank canvas. Feature walls with wallpaper or a bold colour are fantastic for a pop, but when you have a blank wall to work with you can be as bold as you like with the art and décor pieces. 
     Image features Bright Floral Vase Framed Print by Whistlefish (£60.00) 
  5. Choose the space before the art – If you’ve got a blank wall it’s better to look at it and think ‘what piece of artwork can I put there’, rather than see a piece, purchase it and have to think of a place for it later.
  6. Don’t be a Space Invader – Sometimes less is more. It's important not to clutter your home as it can make you feel anxious and stressed (according to phychologytoday.com), the same goes with artwork and pictures on your walls. Gorgeous art will stand out far more if it’s not too close to a window, overcrowded by other pictures and/or decorations. However, a gallery wall of multiple frames of artwork, when done right, can look fabulous! 
    Image features Mint Framed Print (£75.00) Basil Framed Print (£60.00) Parsley Framed Print (£40.00)
  7. Get to know the artist – A piece of art can feel much more personal to you if you know or can resonate with the artist. For example, Lenny Cornforth imagines herself relaxing and floating in the ocean when she’s painting her swimming ladies.
    Image features A Way to Unwind Framed Canvas by Lenny Cornforth (£135.00)
  8. Does it mean anything to you? – You can’t go wrong with a piece of artwork in your home of your favourite flower or even a location that makes you think of a special memory. 
    Image features Looe II Framed Print (£60.00)
  9. Consider buying multiple pieces – Some art comes as a collection of pieces and when displayed alongside one another can give a whole different dimension and feel of unity and well thought out decoration. when placed on the wall it's important to space them all out an equal distance from one another.
     Image features Line Drawn Botanics Set of 6 (from £60.00 or £260 for all 6)
  10. Make a statement – do you want an eye-catching piece of artwork that can start a conversation? Big pieces of artwork can be displayed in an entrance, hallway, dining room or living area where you would usually entertain guests. You can choose a big bold and impressive piece of artwork in these spaces that would look striking and gorgeous.  If you decide to do this with a piece of artwork be sure not to have another focus point n that same room e.g. a gorgeous fireplace or rug otherwise it will fight for attention.

 We hope you found these tips useful! 



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My wife’s re-decorating our home and mentioned she’d like to add more art pieces to our place, so we’re going art-shopping next weekend. I love that you elaborated on selecting a wall for your art piece first, so I’ll share your tips with my wife right away. Thanks for the advice on artwork pieces and how to find the best ones for your decor. https://sculpturesnyc.com/

Eli Richardson July 26, 2022

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