8 interesting facts you didn't know about daffodils

Daffodils are often thought to symbolise rebirth and a new beginning as they are spring flowers which indicate that winter is over. They are often seen as a flower of hope. But there are some other fun facts about daffodils you might not know that may lead you to wonder if they are a friend or a foe.

1. Cornwall is the world's largest producer of daffodils

Each year the county grows over 30 million tonnes of bulbs and exports them all over the world. 


daffodils close up in a field 

2. The wild daffodil is also known as the ‘Lent lily’ or ‘Easter lily’

3. In Welsh, they are ‘Cenhinen Pedr’, which translates as ‘Peter’s leek’

4. Daffodil bulbs are used in medicine

by pharmacists as a source of treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and have even been used for centuries in cancer treatments.

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5. Daffodils are poisonous to cats, dogs and horses.

Daffodils contain a chemical called 'Lycorine', this chemical is in the whole part of the plant but is particularly strong in the bulb part, so although they are used as medicine, if daffodils are consumed it is not life-threatening but it can cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

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6. It is illegal to pick daffodils

People often ask 'is it illegal to pick daffodils?' and the answer is yes, it is against the law to uproot any daffodils that have been planted in a public space such as a park or roundabout and someone else's property without permission. However, it is not against the law to pick wild daffodils but it is frowned upon.

 7. It is bad luck to give someone a single daffodil

If you ever want to gift anyone daffodils be sure to gift them as a bunch as giving someone a singular daffodil suggests bad fortune in the year to come.

8. Daffodils are the flower which symbolises a 10th wedding anniversary

If you or someone you know is soon to be celebrating their 'tin' or 10th wedding anniversary this spring be sure to gift them a bunch of daffodils.

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Picking a daffodil is not illegal. Pulling the whole plant up is illegal.

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