Fathers Day - Our Champions!

For our unsung heroes, taxiing us around, standing on the sidelines rain or shine and always being ready with a cup of tea in an emergency, we say thank you!


Famously, dad's are just so hard to buy for. So, we've gathered together some gift sets with simple but special treats that are easy to gift even the fussiest of fathers.

Ale & Buttons £19.95 | SHOP >

We've sourced two different ales from Firebrand brewing - a Cornish craft brewer forging beer from all-natural ingredients, Cornish spring water, and American hops. Enjoy in this enamel mug by the fireside along with Josh's Chocolate Buttons. Also made in Cornwall, this delicious chocolate is infused with Cornish Sea Salt and caramel. FREE CARD INCLUDED!



Get ready for an evening out with Rugged Nature, a new addition to Whistlefish & co. These grooming products are handmade from 100% natural ingredients, an earth (and skin) friendly alternative to high street options. Pour yourself a Rosemullion spiced rum and coke and enjoy alongside Josh's Cornish Dark Chocolate with a hint of peppermint. FREE CARD INCLUDED!




For outdoorsy dads

Wether they're out in full lycra at the crack of dawn or spend their weekend strolling the driving range, sporty dads are amongst the most difficult to buy for as they have ALL the gear. Celebrate their sport with an art print that will make them smile even on the days when they are too busy to get outside.

For foodie fathers

Dads just love lording over the BBQ and so treat them to lovely drink for all their hard work like a Cornish rum on the rocks. You can't go far wrong with consumables and these gifts are all specially selected from British suppliers.


For plant-obsessed parents

From lawn perfectionists to greenhouse guardians, say thanks to the fathers who keep the garden looking fab all year around with some Rugged Nature grooming products. Pamper those tired hands and shampoo away the soil with these lovely gifts made from natural ingredients.


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