Dahlia's Bouquet Medium Art Print

by Cathy Hunt



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The artwork features a bouquet of flowers on a warm brown background. The bouquet, arranged naturally, includes dahlias, pink roses, lilies, purple irises, and various greenery. This juxtaposition of vibrant flowers against the inviting brown backdrop creates a sense of natural beauty and elegance.

  • Orientation Square
  • Image Size: 330 x 440 mm
  • Printed in Cornwall
  • Giclee printing for exceptionally clear art with superb colour and depth

Cathy is an illustrator/designer living just a short walk from Lake Erie, outside Cleveland, OH. Cathy loves to create art that enhances a product or environment. Her designs can be found on stationery products, wall art, fabric, scarves, greeting cards, calendars and product packaging.  She is most inspired by playing with colour and experimenting with new subject matter.

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