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St Ives Cornwall Tea Towel

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This St Ives Cornwall Tea Towel by Will Thompson features an original artwork print.

Will Thompson

Will has art in his veins. His love for creation comes across in his work, whether it be a Cornwall coastal scene or a portrait of the late Robin Williams.

Will hails from Cornwall originally, but now lives in London, creating his distinctive artwork from memories of home, where he was constantly by the sea and always felt free. The signature paintings of vintage railway poster-style perfectly reflect Will’s love of Cornwall.

Will enjoys a combination of city and countryside and feels himself lucky to have been able to travel to different places while growing up. His top favourite, however, is the West Indies and particularly Barbados.

Paint is Will’s favourite medium when he’s feeling particularly expressive and open. He likes to use it freely, throwing it around and not worrying about the mess. When he’s feeling more grounded and focused, he turns to detailed illustration as his artistic outlet.

Whatever his medium, Will aims to make each piece of work communicate something to the viewer and he feels that communication is key in everything he creates.

Will feels that everyone is capable of artistic expression in one way or another and he hopes in the future to have his work exhibited in New York and he would like to be able to inspire others to realise their own artistic talents.

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4.93 Average

15 Reviews


Loved it!!

Dorothy M

Sara B

Roll on Xmas 2019 to see my daughters face

Sue R

Lovely quality tea towel, this reminds me of happy holidays in Cornwall when it’s dark and damp outside.

Julie G

Great gift for friends who love to visit StIves

Alison U

Fantastic quality and very reasonable price.

Margaret S

Great quality of cotton, vibrant design, colourful and cheery


As lovely as I hoped it would be.



Excellent design, excellent quality, excellent value, excellent service, fast delivery



The St Ives tea Towel is of the highest quality, very pleasant discreet colours.


Good size and quality


Great quality and a lovely reminder of our holidays in St. Ives ❤️


Picture framed and hung in my kitchen to bring a smile every morning. The art work evokes so many moments in our family.

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