Wild Water Woman Medium Art Print

by Lu Cornish



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In her own words, Lu Cornish loves women; “I love women in all our glory, our shapes and sizes. I want to create work people can identify with, that speaks to them. In a world that too often tells women they are not good enough, not pretty or thin enough, I want to remind them they are a magnificent force of nature and there is so much beauty in their curves and lines. In the same way we can appreciate the beauty in nature, the vastness of the ocean, without judgement but with awe, we should appreciate the beauty in ourselves. We are after all, made of stars.”

This empowering watery scene with a wild swimmer in swimsuit in blues and blush pinks features clouds and gulls above a sparkling body of water.

  • Portrait orientation
  • Image size 325 X 445 mm
  • Finished size 615 x 490 mm
  • Frame Colour: white wood
  • Printed and hand framed in Cornwall
  • Giclée printing for exceptionally clear art with superb colour and depth
  • Arrives ready to hang

Lu describes herself as a colour loving misfit living by the sea, creating art from her anxious mind and free soul to bring a colour to a world that sometimes seems grey.

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