Add a fresh look to your home this spring with these trendy framed prints

You've heard of spring cleaning but what about a full interior refresh? There are simple ways to decorate your home to keep it looking on trend for 2023. Thankfully interior design doesn't age as much as clothing does so once you redecorate you know your home you can feel rest assured that it will stay in style for a few years to come.


be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style billy baldwin

When considering changing up your home it's important to always be true to yourself. How you decorate your interior is a reflection of yourself and how you want your home to make you feel. 

When looking for a new piece of wall art consider the colours included in the art and where it will be placed in your home. You don't want a piece of art and some patterned wallpaper to be fighting for attention. A white wall might seem dull but it is essentially a blank canvas, so once you have a white wall you can place almost any piece of art onto it to brighten it up. However, if white walls really aren't your thing or you're looking for a shade to paint a feature wall, neutral tones are very popular in interior design in 2023. 

trending interior colours for 2023

Spring and summer is the perfect time of year to introduce some bright colours into your home. Bring the outdoors inside with artwork for spring and summer that includes bright flowers and pictures of the ocean.

How to create a coastal home

 A piece of 'Travel art' by Whistlefish is a beautiful piece of sentimental artwork to have on your wall. Based in Cornwall the brand often features the ocean and beaches in its landscape art. Whistlefish travel art is like high-quality framed postcards that you can display fondly on your wall that will always remind you of a special location or particular trip. 

"Research shows that looking at an image of the sea can bring us many of the same well-being benefits of being in and around water. " Investing in a seascape piece of artwork to put in any room of your home has many health benefits.

harlyn bay travel print on the beach

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"A new study has found that just looking at still images of nature is enough 'natural' stimulus to lower our stress levels." - in 2022

 It's been proven that even illustrated and painted pieces of art as well as photos of nature are great for your brain. If you're someone who works from home for example, and you are feeling stressed or anxious you can relax just by looking at a piece of art. Doing this releases dopamine (the happy chemical) in your brain and will calm you in minutes. 

As well as this art helps fuel creativity if you're suffering from a writing block or lacking motivation for whatever reason, take a break and view your beautiful framed print or canvas on your wall for inspiration.

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Unique art prints

Lino is a form of print that has been around since the 1800s, the below art print is inspired by this medium but Whistlefish has added a modern twist. The particular style means that limited colours are used which may bode well for most interiors. 

cornwall lino art on coastal shelfImage features Cornwall Lino Framed Print (60.00)


 Modern Cottage 

A traditional cottage never goes out of style, its classic rustic look makes it feel warm, cosy and homely. To brighten up this wall, while keeping the home's general theme, we've incorporated these lovely watercolour florals. You could try using multiple frames like so, to fill a large empty space. Although they are different they sit well together because the pink of the flowers matches and therefore compliment one another. 

watercolour flowers wall art

Multi Blooms (left) Pink Blossom Medium (right) (£75.00)

Keep your interior chic with a black framed print, this lovely illustrative piece of art from the 'Dream Views' collection depicts the popular seaside town in Cornwall, St. Ives. A black frame can add a certain je ne sais quoi to the artwork as well as the room it's displayed in. 

st ives artworkImage features St. Ives Framed Print by Whistlefish (£40.00) 

Below is a beautiful piece of artwork by artist Sue Fenlon, the softness and colouring look lovely in this home because the colours featured in the art are also featured throughout the home. The natural wooden frame really suits the other wooden pieces of furniture in the home.

country home

Image features Scented Pathway Framed Print by Sue Fenlon (£115) 

Need more inspiration or ideas on how to choose art for your home? See this other related article: 10 Tips On How To Choose The Right Art For Your Home >

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