Meet the artist: Georgie Harrison Part Two

Unveiling the World of a Creative Soul: Discover the Artistic Journey of a Talented  Coastal Artist - Georgie Harrison

Step into the captivating world of an artist in Cornwall who finds inspiration in the beauty of nature. Journey with us as we delve into the captivating life of the talented Georgie Harrison, exploring her passions, hobbies, and artistic process, which includes the mesmerising realism of her water paintings. Discover the intricacies of Georgie's unique daily routine, where she seamlessly embodies the roles of both artist and entrepreneur, fostering a harmonious fusion of creativity and business acumen.

georgie with her ocean art

What are your hobbies?

Whenever I'm not painting, I'm either dancing (I have developed a newfound love for salsa), running, or out on the ocean on my paddle board. Exploring the waters, I've discovered numerous secluded spots and hidden coves, and I've been fortunate to encounter many inquisitive seals during my paddle boarding adventures. I love them!

time seems to slow down when you're out on the ocean

Time seems to slow down when you're out on the ocean, offering the perfect opportunity for introspection, meditation, and the freedom to let your mind wander without constraints. After spending an afternoon on my paddle board, I often find myself more creative and deeply connected to nature.

Georgie paddle boarding

 A lot of your new artwork features water, it is beautiful! How do you paint water so well? Can you explain the method?

Painting the sea is an art that varies from person to person.

The first crucial aspect to comprehend is how reflections work on the ocean's surface. 

The subsequent steps involve choosing a reference photo, preparing the canvas, and sketching the composition. However, I, personally, prefer to dive straight into the painting process and skip the sketching phase.

Starting with the paints, I block in the main colours for the sea, primarily using darker shades to create the illusion of depth.

Then, I add texture to the surface, incorporating hues from the sky to give the ocean a more dynamic and lifelike appearance.

Taking a step back and assessing the painting is vital. I make a conscious effort to step back every hour to stretch my legs or enjoy a cup of tea. This break allows me to return with fresh eyes and make any necessary adjustments to colours, contrasts, and details, ensuring that I achieve the desired effect in my artwork.

One of my favourite parts of the process is adding highlights and final touches to bring the scene to life. These final touches add that extra dimension and truly elevate the painting, making it an evocative portrayal of the sea's beauty.

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before and after ocean artwork


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What artist tool can’t you live without?

The one tool that I absolutely cannot live without is 'Frog Tape'. It ensures a crisp and clean horizon line for my paintings, making it the best tape I've ever found for this purpose. With 'Frog Tape', I no longer have to worry about spending extra hours trying to fix messy lines or mistakes caused by paint seeping under the tape, which is a common issue with other types of tape.

What do you think about when you’re creating art? What influences the outcome of your work?

When I'm painting, I often find myself transported back to the moment when I captured the reference photo. It's as if I can feel the sun's warmth on my skin, hear the gentle lapping of the waves, and sense the serenity that enveloped the scene. As I pick up my brush, I'm not merely recreating an image; I'm reliving an experience and translating it onto the canvas. I strive to capture not just the visual details but also the intangible emotions that were present in that moment. The interplay between memory, imagination, and the calming atmosphere in my studio intertwine to shape each painting uniquely. It's a profound and meditative process, one that not only brings joy and fulfilment to my artistic soul but also enables me to share a piece of my heart with those who view my art.

coastal art of cornwall

Your job is very unique, what does a day in the life of an artist look like?

My mornings begin with a refreshing coastal run. Afterwards, I like to savour a comforting cup of tea, setting the tone for a productive day ahead.

During breakfast, I take the opportunity to check through my emails. It's essential for me to stay on top of any incoming messages and handle any pending orders promptly.

Once these tasks are taken care of, I can focus on my creative pursuits. In my studio, I immerse myself in the world of art. I have the option to either start a new painting from scratch or continue working on an ongoing project.

At around 11 o'clock, I have my daily coffee break, which has become a cherished ritual for me. During this time, I often do some website management. This might involve uploading new products to my online store, fine-tuning my website's design, or working on an exciting new blog post.

After my coffee break, I return to my creative zone and continue painting until lunchtime.

Around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, I take another break. On sunny days, I love to head out to the beach with my paddle board. It serves a dual purpose: creating captivating content for my online presence and, if necessary, collecting prints or frames for my artwork.

There are occasions when customers express interest in viewing my artwork in person. In those instances, I accommodate them with studio visits, allowing them to experience the art up close.

Georgie painting at her aisle


Do you have any nice/ funny stories behind any of your pieces that we have online?

A Sunny Day At Wheal Coates with my Grandma and Mum over FaceTime. We did this during the lockdown, and it became a cherished little ritual that we looked forward to every Friday. With coffee cups in hand and paintbrushes at the ready, we would connect via FaceTime and collectively recreate the same reference photo on our respective canvases. It was not only a way for us to engage in a shared hobby but also an opportunity to catch up and feel connected despite the physical distance that separated us. 

Wheal coates art for your bedroom
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 What do you listen to when painting?

I love listening to a podcast while painting; it adds an extra layer of enjoyment and inspiration to my creative process. One of my favourite podcasts to tune into are 'The Diary Of A CEO' by Steven Barrett and 'Happy Place' by Fearne Cotton.

Do you have any exhibitions coming up?

I don't have any exhibitions coming up at the moment, but rest assured, there are exciting prospects on the horizon. I'm diligently working on new art pieces and collaborations, and I can't wait to showcase them in future exhibitions. So, stay tuned on my Instagram and website for updates on upcoming events and art shows.

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