Fun and easy paper crafts for kids - great activities for children on a rainy day

It's the summer holidays and you're looking for fun activities to keep the kids busy when it's raining outside, what can you do? 

Fear not, Whistlefish Workshop has compiled an eco and affordable options to keep the kids busy, we've called these crafts for children the Littlefish Workshop!

This Journal entry includes multiple FREE downloadable templates that you can print off to make these fun paper crafts with your children. Using basic plastic free items you've got around the house you can make a wet day a crafty day.

These paper crafts are suitable for children from just 5 years old. Younger children might need a bit more assistance with cutting and sticking, but we are certain they will enjoy the process and the final characters they create along the way and have some fun new toys to play with at the end.

How to make a Cornish basking shark out of paper

paper basking shark - fun children's activities

Basking sharks are a rare and awesome sight to see in Cornish waters, they are amongst the largest sharks in the world and they only eat tiny plankton!

You can make your very own basking shark out of paper with just a few simple steps. 

All you need is 

  1. Cornish Basking Shark Template A4 Print out - Download it here for FREE
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue Stick

paper shark template - crafts for kids

All you have to do is cut out your shapes and simply follow the easy step-by-step video tutorial to bring your paper basking shark to life!

Watch the step-by-step tutorial HERE >

How to make a Flutterting Butterly coming soon!

How to Make a Butterfly out of paper

We love summer and nature at Whistlefish, we created a fluttering butterfly with the design from one of our lovely greeting cards.

All you need is 

- Fluttering Butterfly Template - Download for FREE here >

- Scissors

- Glue Stick

- Wooden Clothes Peg


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