How to fold napkins: 4 easy ways

It's Christmas and you have lots of guests arriving, every surface, ledge and window in your home needs to shine Mrs. Hinch style and you have a 3 course meal to prepare fit for a Paul Hollywood hand shake! So, with all this in mind, you simply don't have the time to make swans or roses from your napkins as well! Here are 4 easy and efficient ways to fold fabric napkins at a dinner table that will look stylish and save you so much time!

Fabric napkins will automatically elevate your tablescape no matter what! These Poinsettia Cloth Christmas Napkins are part of the Poinsettia Christmas Collection new for Christmas 2022.


1. Fold into a wine glass

Fold the napkin diagonally to make a triangle and roll is loosely lengthways so it will fit in the top of the glass, place in the glass with the point sticking out the top.

poinsettia patterned napkin folded into wine glass

2. Wrap silverware in the napkin

  • Start with flat napkin
  • Fold the napkin in half into a triangle
  • Place cutlery in top point, knife, spoon then folk works best
  • Fold right side over
  • Then roll cutlery to left side
  • Place in plate setting

cutlery folded into poinsettia printed napkin on top of plates setting at dinner table


3. Set napkin and cutlery on plate

Fold the napkin into squares, set the plates and place napkin and cutlery neatly on top.

cutlery placed i on top of plate and folded napkin at dinner table

4. Tie a ribbon or use a ring and fan the napkin

Lay napkin out flat and loosely bring in the centre if the napkin, tie a ribbon around it and place it on the set place setting. 

poinsettia napkin tied and fanned in plate setting at dinner tanle

Quick trick hack: Here's an additional use of the Poinsettia Cloth Napkins

The Poinsettia Napkins are quite large so they can also be used as a cloth place mat. When doubled with a white table cloth underneath they won't slip around and they make a lovely festive placemat!

poinsettia napkin used as placemat

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These Poinsettia Cloth Napkins along with the whole collection are exclusive to They are made from 100% cotton and are washable and reusable for as long as you want to use them for. They are a beautiful, timeless and functional alternative to paper napkins.

Why not add the poinsettia table runner to complete the look?

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