Two ways to wrap a present without tape

You've chosen the perfect present for the intended recipient and picked out a lovely paper to wrap it in. But what if you would prefer not to use sticky tape on your beautiful wrapping paper?

Here's some quick and simple solutions  - that are also completely plastic free - to wrapping gifts of various shapes and sizes without using any sticky tape at all!

Each gift wrapping method will take under 5 minutes, so if you're caught short for time, on the way to someone's party - this is a great on-the-go gift wrap resolution for you.

All you need is:

1. How to wrap a bottle with no sticky tape

This is a great plastic free option if you haven't got loads of wrapping paper.

1. Start with unfolding your sheet of wrapping paper

2. Lay your bottle on its side

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10. Stand the bottle up and you can now simply tie some string or ribbon around the top of the wrap to seal it, you can tie this around the neck of the bottle or around the top. 




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 2. How to wrap a book with no sellotape

Your recipient will certainly be impressed with your origami skills, but you don't have to tell them how incredibly easy this wrapping is to do!

1. Unfold wrap 

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10. Smooth out the wrapping paper to make it neat and flat. Finish with a ribbon for a cute touch!



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Whistlefish are committed to using sustainable paper; the paper that our cards and gift wrap are printed on is 100% recycled paper stock. You can read more about our Green Matters Paper Pledge here.

Our hearty gift wrap is so robust it could be used time and time again then once you're finished with it, put it straight in the paper recycling bin!




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