50 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Card Messages

In many situations, it can be hard to find the right words, especially when it comes to letting someone know how much they truly mean to you. You never know what tomorrow might bring so it's important to tell your loved ones how cherished they are every day.

Whether it's a long-term relationship, where you've lived together for years and you've got your daily routine down to a T. Or you're a brand new couple and you're still yet to say those three words for the first time. Valentine's Day is a great prompt to remind someone or tell them for the first time that you're in love with them and couldn't imagine life without them. 

You can never tell someone 'I love you' too much! Sometimes life gets so busy and if you've had a tough year it's especially important to remind the ones you love just how much they mean to you. But, it can be hard to figure out what to write inside a Valentine's card. Ahead is a list to inspire you or even copy in a card to your significant other. So, if you're struggling with the right words to say, read the list below!

words from the heart

50 Valentine's day message ideas for all kinds of couples

Cute Valentine's Day message

  • My life is better with you in it
  • I never believed in love until I met you
  • Met you, liked you, keeping you
  • Where ever we are, as long as we are together, I am home
  • Can I keep you?
  • Thank you for making me laugh every day
  • I like your face
  • To my partner in crime, you stole my heart

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Funny Valentine's Day message

  • We're the same kind of weird, I love us
  • So glad we both swiped right!
  • We know we aren't perfect, but we're perfect together
  • Thank you for holding my hair back after too much wine!
  • Yay we still like each other!
  • I love you more than I love the dog, and that's saying something!

What to write in a Valentine's Day card for him

  • To my amazing husband I'm so proud of the wonderful life we've built together
  • Thank you for everything you do for the family, you are amazing, I love you
  • Happy first Valentine's Day as husband and wife!

What to write in a Valentine's Day card for her

  • To my beautiful girlfriend, I love you more and more each day
  • I appreciate everything you do for me and the family, you are an amazing wife and mother

Thoughtful Valentine's Day card message

  • I am so lucky to have you by my side
  • Thank you for making me feel loved every single day

Valentine's Day message for foodies

  • You're the eggs to my bacon
  • I love you from my head to-ma-toes
  • I love you - despite your cheesy jokes
  • I'm nuts about you
  • You're the sausage to my mash

sausage dog valentines day card

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Valentine's Day message ideas for long-term partners

  • I will never get tired of telling you how much I love you
  • For my forever Valentine
  • We hold hands for a while, you hold my heart forever

For our first Valentine's day together

  • Looking forward to what the future holds for us
  • It all started with a 'like'
  • I'm so glad I met you
  • We're meant to be

How to sign off a Valentine's Day card

  • All my love
  • With all my heart
  • Forever yours
  • Love from your secret admirer
  • Forever in my heart
  • Always kiss me goodnight

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What is Galentines Day?

Valentines Day doesn't always have to be romantic, you can express your love and appreciation for a dear friend, expressing love for a female friend has become really popular over the last few years, it was made even more popular by a US tv sitcom called 'Parks and Recreation'. According to the character Leslie Knope - who coined the day - Galentines Day falls on 11th February, but it can be celebrated on the official Valentine's Day (14th) if that's what you prefer.

What you can write in a Valentine's Day card for a friend

  •  We've been friends forever, we might as well be married!
  • Thank you for always supporting me and being by my side
  • You are so loved
  • You're the Thelma to my Louise
  • You are my rock, through thick and thin, I couldn't imagine my life without you in it
  • Who needs a boyfriend when I've got a friend like you!
  • If friends were flowers, I'd pick you

 If nothing above fits or feels right for your person, perhaps you can recall a memory that made you feel like you were a team and felt so supported by them and made you think, 'God, you're amazing, I love you!'.

No matter who you're sending your love to this Valentine's Day be sure to write your message with words from the heart. 

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