During particularly difficult times, receiving a card can make a real difference to how a friend or relative feels.

The world is looking a bit off-kilter at the moment after two long years of pandemic-induced loss and restrictions. We now face a looming recession and watch on as prices rise due to a toxic cocktail of war, damaged supply chains, worldwide material shortages and changes to international trading.

All this on top of life’s usual stresses can really take its toll on one's mental health and we believe it’s more important than ever to check in on loved ones and let them know you’re here for them.

This is why we’ve started ‘Here For You’ - a series of mini campaigns over the next few months as we go into winter that focus on providing support to those that need it right now.

Cards say ‘I’m thinking about you’ in a way that digital communications can’t, they sit in your home as a reminder throughout the day that you aren’t alone. By providing more people with access to tools that bring positivity to their friends, relatives and colleagues, we hope to help many people around the country this winter to feel like someone is here for them.

Find the right words

Knowing what to say to help someone feel better is incredibly hard.
We’ve put together some advice to guide you towards the perfect message.

What to say to someone with Anxiety

In some instances, someone might not appear to be suffering but inside their mind goes into the fight or flight mode of survival.

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Loneliness can come in many different forms - many people enjoy some time alone to recharge their social batteries - but feeling lonely is very different to being physically alone.

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Going through loss is an incredibly difficult time for anyone and everyone deals with loss in their own way. There is no right or wrong way to act when you're processing the passing of a person or a pet.

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