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Canvas Art Liz & Kate Pope

This beautiful piece of art has been created by Liz & Kate Pope, inspired by the courageous work of our fabulous NHS staff during this terrible pandemic. 

  • Hope Canvas by Liz & Kate Pope 
  • Type: High quality canvas
  • Orientation: Square
  • Canvas size: 500 x 500mm
  • White edges

We are working with our friends at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity and have pledged to donate 10% of proceeds from the sale of this picture to their COVID19 fund.

The Covid19 Fund, part of Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity will support the welfare of our teams now and in the recovery period of the Covid 19 pandemic and also provide support for our patients and their families at this difficult time.

Funds will be used to... 

  • help provide them with refreshment and nourishment in this difficult time, 
  • to enhance staff rest areas, 
  • to give special to thanks to team members,  
  • support staff in their recovery following the Covid19 pandemic, 
  • to provide additional support for patients and their families at this difficult time.

You can donate directly to the fund by clicking here

Liz & Kate Pope

Liz and Kate have created art together since leaving Stafforshire University in 2001. They both gained a first class degree in Surface Pattern Design, a very broad course, which allows each student to find their own strengths.

During this time Kate became passionate about colour, often experimenting with bold shapes, combining pattern, collage and mixed media. Liz edged more towards illustration, she focused more on finer detail and line, soon finding a real style of her own.

They both still very much work with the same set of skills, mostly working together on commercial briefs, Liz sketching and then passing along to Kate to colour up. However when it comes to a one off fine artwork, they go their separate ways a little and let their individuality show through!

Liz will stop in her tracks and stare at a bunch of street signs, a twisted telephone wire, a spar shop or a road marking, imagining them in her paintings, she sees the smaller less obvious details.

Kate would rummage charity shops for old fabrics, books, anything she can layer paint onto and collage into her work. She often sees a landscape as if it where a large patchwork, in fact Liz describes Kate‘s paintings as patchworks of colour! They have a large collection of paintings and prints with the Whistlefish Galleries based in and around Cornwall. A perfect excuse to holiday down there, grabbing lots of photos for inspiration, especially Liz in her old VW Camper!

Many of their paintings are based on Cornish Seaside towns. They try to capture the quirkiness of the buildings, and the hustle and bustle of street life. More recently they've been enjoying painting London hotspots. Liz lets loose with details of London buses and taxis while Kate creates colourful skylines with interesting blocks of colour.

Their adventure as artists began back at Mum and Dads in the bedroom they grew up in! Turning their beds into desks! They now work at Liz's house in a small studio, that's full to the brim with paints, collage papers, children's books, sketch books, it's certainly the messiest room in the house!

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