Padstow Quay Summer Art Print

by Whistlefish



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Introducing "Padstow Quay" – an abstract masterpiece that captures the essence of Padstow's vibrant quay in the summer. This framed print showcases a dynamic swirl of blues, depicting the lively atmosphere of the harbor, with boats gently bobbing and rooftops adorning the scene. The artist's unique approach to abstraction adds an element of poetic interpretation to the familiar landscape. The framed print enhances the overall presentation, offering a contemporary and elegant touch to the artwork.

  • Orientation Square
  • Image Size 500 x 500 mm
  • Printed in Cornwall
  • Giclee printing for exceptionally clear art with superb colour and depth

Designed by our in-studio artists based in Cornwall UK. Each artist boasts their own unique talent in medium and style, creating a diverse set of art that you can't find anywhere else.

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