Red Spot Med Framed Canvas

by Whistlefish



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Introducing "Red Spot" – a contemporary painting that adds a burst of vibrancy to any space. This framed print features three charming jugs, each adorned with distinctive patterns – one spotted white and red, another spotted red and white, and a third striped blue and white. These jugs are thoughtfully arranged, each holding a delightful assortment of flowers. The artist's contemporary approach to this still life composition brings a modern flair to traditional subject matter. The framed print enhances the overall presentation, adding a touch of sophistication to the artwork.

  • Orientation Portrait
  • Finished Size : 615 x 820 mm
  • Image Size: 600 x 800 mm
  • White Box Tray Frame

Designed by our in-studio artists based in Cornwall UK. Each artist boasts their own unique talent in medium and style, creating a diverse set of art that you can't find anywhere else.

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